Another Male Makeup Model

When we discovered CoverGirl’s decision to hire a man to be the face of their product, most was shocked. It is hard to believe that we have reached the point that men could sell makeup by wearing it, but here we are.

So now that there is another company that has hired a man to represent their products, there is less shock. But, is there more concern?

For one company to choose this path is a stunt. The fact that their competitor has made the same choice is not that surprising. Major corporations follow or copy what works. When the competition takes a risk that pays off, it is only natural for you to jump in too. But, if you are a woman or someone who cares for women, Maybelline’s announcement should cause alarm.

Breitbart reports

Maybelline has made makeup model Manny Gutierrez the American brand’s first male makeup ambassador.

Gutierrez announced the news to his three million Instagram followers earlier this week: “Honestly I couldn’t be more honored [or] thrilled!,” Gutierrez said. “Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!”

Gutierrez, a social media star well-known on YouTube as “MannyMua,” will be starring in Maybelline’s “That Boss Life” campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara alongside fellow beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell and contest winner Jackie Flowers.

The California-bred 25-year-old says “I believe makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules” and “boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.”

Now, this should cause women concern because they now are being walked backward. What I mean is that there has been a long hard fight for respect for women in the business world. Now, they are being pushed out by men.

Why have the Feminists not screamed foul? It is because women’s issues are not their real concern. Women, like blacks, were no more than pawns and levers to move the power base left. Now that they have ceased to be useful, they no longer matter.

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