Another Conservative Leader Steps Up to Support Donald Trump

Raul Labrador is well-regarded among conservatives and libertarians alike as a man who stands by principle and fights for conservative values. He is an influential Congressman from the Gem State of Idaho, and he has been an important part of the liberty caucus that is constantly pushing the House GOP further to the right. Labrador has been in the vanguard of the fight to defend free speech, religious freedom, our right to bear arms, and in defending the unborn from abortion. He can usually be counted on to support Senator like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee by championing their efforts in the House. He has also been conspicuously silent about who he’ll be voting for come November… at least he had been silent, until this past week.

Congressman Labrador just released a public statement urging his supporters to stand with Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and the cronyism and corruption that she represents.

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“Despite his many flaws, Donald Trump represents the best chance to change the way Washington works. This campaign has never been about Donald Trump; it has been about the millions of people hungering and thirsting for new leadership. During his campaign, Trump has given a voice to countless Americans who believe that neither party represents them in Washington, D.C., people who feel that the government of these United States works only for the politically connected.

“As a father of a daughter who I adore and four sons who I have raised to be men of honor, a husband who has treated my wife with dignity and respect for 25 years and the son of a wonderful mother who endured sexual harassment in the workplace, I find Donald Trump’s statements about women indefensible. No man should speak that way about any woman, and no woman should be subjected to such lewd attention. Similarly no woman should ever be abused, tarnished and discredited, as Bill and Hillary Clinton did to so many during the past four decades.  

“Right now Hillary Clinton is a greater threat to our national well-being than Donald Trump. Throughout her time in politics, she has shown terrible judgment and little regard for the truth. Recently, she has exhibited zero respect for classified documents. Clinton will pick Supreme Court justices who will take this country further away from our founding principles. She will also continue Obama’s foreign policy mistakes that have made us weaker and the economic policies that have led to the slowest recovery since the 1940s. In this race, Donald Trump is a better choice for America than Hillary Clinton.”

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