Another CNN Pundit Sends Violent Dogwhistle to The Ears of Antifa

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There are serious, valid concerns in America today that the radical left could soon overstep the last lines of decency and ignite a conflict unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Of course, there is little doubt that the legacy, dinosaur media of television is fueling this combative attitude.  After all, if groups such as Antifa turn to violence in the streets, they will be there to capture it all and pipe it directly into your home…with a few key commercial breaks thrown in to appease their advertising overlords.  It’s a racket.  A scam.  This has been their plan all along, hidden in plain sight, to create conflict for the sake of ratings.

It’s diabolical at best, treasonous at worst, and continues to this day with CNN personalities such as Chris Cuomo giving a “pass” to the violence Antifa displayed just days ago.

Now, one of Cuomo’s colleagues is getting in on the riot-inciting schtick as well.

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As we reported earlier, CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo defended violence by the domestic terrorists that make up Antifa, calling their actions morally justified.  It got worse, however, as Newsbusters reported that fellow propagandist Don Lemon doubled down.

“Sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire,” he said.

“Let me just say this though, you ask why [Trump] doesn’t call out — because the white nationalists are winning right now. This helps their cause, their case. For the president to be equivocating between whether it’s Antifa or whatever, fine people on both sides, that actually helps their case,” he added.

Come November, will CNN also be advocating for voter suppression?  Or perhaps a fear campaign designed to keep people away from the polls?

Or, since CNN is so wholly opposed to election “meddling”, which in the case of Russia was allegedly nothing more than the airing of the truth about Hillary Clinton, perhaps they’ll stop reporting on politics as not to affect the outcome of the midterms?

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