Another American Town Forced to Give Up their Religious Freedoms

It seems never to change.

The big bad Freedom From Religion Federation once again bullied a town into giving up their Constitutional freedoms. This time, it was because defending liberty and rights are tiresome. It just must be too much of a distraction to be bothered with fighting socialists.

Fox reports

A Pennsylvania school district capitulated to the demands of a militant atheist who filed a federal lawsuit demanding the district remove a Ten Commandments monument erected on a public high school campus.

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New Kensington-Arnold School District agreed to remove the massive monument within 30 days – ending a lawsuit filed in 2012 by self-avowed atheist Marie Schaub.

Schaub claimed the 6-foot stone monument erected outside Valley High School was a religious symbol and therefore was a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Actually, it is not a violation of the Constitution. What’s really sad is that people continue to believe something just because it is said over and over again. This monument is not a federal statement of law; it is technically a piece of art.

What’s worse is that this only emboldens these people. Until someone punishes the bully for bullying, the bullying is only encouraged. So, why did the school give in?

Fox continues

Schools Superintendent John Pallone told the local newspaper they agreed to settle the lawsuit “in order to take the high road.”

“We compromised and agreed to remove the monument,” he said.
The superintendent went on to tell the newspaper he believed the district “had a winnable case.”

“We’re in a position where we just can’t continue to fight this distraction,” he said.

How infuriating!

Frustrating indeed!

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