Another American College Celebrates Muslims Terrorists in New York City

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Last week we discovered a so-called “criminal justice” college in New York mounting an exhibit to laude and benefit Muslim terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. And once again we see that the American academy is one of the most anti-American places one can find in the U.S.A. today.

News broke that the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York created a wonderful little art exhibit. The subject matter was mostly derivative and unremarkable but it wasn’t the actual art that the college found remarkable and worth lauding. It was the so-called “artists” that the college thought were worth celebrating.

You see, all the “artists” in the college’s exhibit are terrorists either currently in or recently released from our terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The exhibit had been around for a while, according to the AP:

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The exhibit, Ode to the Sea, has been on display since October at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It shows 36 paintings and sculptures created by eight men during their years being held at the U.S. military facility for terrorism suspects in Cuba. The works were released to the men’s attorneys after being vetted by the U.S. government to make sure they did not contain violent content or hidden messages.

The exhibit was launched after a lawyer (should it be shocking that a lawyer is at the heart of this garbage?) who has sympathy for the detainees came up with the idea of displaying the detainees’ art finger paintings.

The show was put together after a lawyer who represents Guantanamo detainees, Beth Jacob, reached out to John Jay professor Erin Thompson to ask generally about how to go about possibly exhibiting one of her client’s work. That led Thompson and two other curators to gather up other detainees’ artistic efforts and display them in a hallway near the office of the public college’s president.

Thompson said she was disturbed at the idea that the government would take detainees’ artwork away from them.

“I just want to encourage people to look at these paintings. They’re flowers and beaches, and not subversive content,” Thompson said. “It’s not threatening to the United States. I don’t think we should burn bouquets.”

But, despite that the U.S. government released the art works to the college, the Pentagon didn’t quite seem to grasp what a bad idea this display was until the media began reporting on how odd it was that a U.S. college was celebrating murderous, Islamist terrorists.

Americans who read the stories began emailing the government to ask just what the heck the government thought it was doing by releasing the art work?

Further, the “art” is the property of the government as Maj. Ben Sakrisson told the AP. “Items produced by detainees at Guantanamo Bay remain the property of the U.S. government,” the Major said.


So, why is that “property” at a college in the very city most affected by Muslim terrorism?

Some of the so-called artists were pretty bad guys, too:

Artists in the exhibit include Moath al-Alwi, accused of being one of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards, and Ahmed Rabbani, accused of working with senior leadership of al-Qaeda. Of the eight artists in the exhibit, four remain behind bars without having gone to trial and four have been released.

it’s bad enough, of course, that any American would want to create an “art” exhibit that celebrates Muslim terrorists, but the fact that a college hosted it — and a college that claims to be teaching the law to American students — is even worse.

It proves that liberals have no loyalty to this country, no sense of propriety, and no sense of shame.

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