Ann Coulter Explains How to Repeal and Replace Obamacare [VIDEO]

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While Congress dithers over how to keep everyone happy, Ann Coulter explains the free market.

For those frustrated with inaction on getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, Ann Coulter explains what every conservative should know. Just like the free market provides us with affordable food, so it should be allowed to provide healthcare.

Breitbart recently published her editorial responding to Chuck Todd.

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It turns out that, outside of a communist dictatorship, all sorts of products are affordable AND widely available! We don’t need Congress to “provide” us with health care any more than we need them to “provide” us with bread. What we need is for health insurance to be available on the free market.

With lots of companies competing for your business, basic health insurance would cost about $50 a month. We know the cost because Christian groups got a waiver from Obamacare, and that’s how much their insurance costs right now. (Under the law, it can’t be called “insurance,” but that’s what it is.)

Even young, healthy people would buy insurance at that price, expanding the “risk-sharing pools” and probably bringing the cost down to $20 or $30 a month.

In a free market, there would be an endless variety of consumer-driven plans, from catastrophic care for the risk-oblivious to extravagant plans for the risk-averse.

You know — just like every other product in America.

You should visit America sometime, Chuck! The orange juice aisle in a Texas grocery store knocked the socks off Russian president Boris Yeltsin. (Imagine how cheap a double screwdriver must be in America!)

Just as there are rows of different types of orange juice in the grocery store –- and loads of grocery stores — there will be loads of health insurance plans and insurance companies offering them.

Americans would finally be able to buy whatever insurance plans they liked, as easily as they currently buy flat-screen TVs, cellphones and — what’s that product with the cute gecko in its commercials? I remember now! CAR INSURANCE!

Evidently, insurance is not impervious to the iron law of economics that every product sold on the free market gets better and cheaper over time.

Sadly, people keep imagining rich doctors and wealthy hospitals who would turn away patients unless they were rich. But there are not enough rich patients to support all those doctors. Most will have to serve the middle class and lower class. Doctors need revenue. So do nurses. So do hospitals.

No one makes money in the free market by withholding services and products to bid up the price. That’s a government trick.

How have we become so blind and brainwashed? We see stories about the nightmare of government healthcare (like the VA hospitals and their illegal, secret waiting lists), yet we still feel as if doctors would never offer affordable services without the government making them do so.

Imagine a world where the government was in charge of providing automobiles. Would people in such a world be able to imagine any alternative? Would they be able to imagine buying a used car off Craigslist?

Just repeal Obamacare!

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