Anger Inception: Californians Now Protesting Against Virginia Protesters

Yesterday’s horrific incident at a white nationalist rally in Virginia has sent shockwaves around the nation, with counter protests occurring all the way in Oakland, California.

During the Charlottesville anarchy yesterday three fatalities were reported:  One attendee was killed when a car crashed into a crowd of people, with two other deaths occurring at the site of a helicopter crash after the aircraft was used to monitor the situation.

The rally itself, which was outlawed by authorities hours before the white supremacists began to gather, touched a nerve in the nation as race relations have been at the forefront of American politics for some time.  As the gathering grew ever more volatile, reactions were varied across the nation.  Some believed that the First Amendment rights of these hate-mongers had been violated by the radical left’s counter protest, while others were convinced that this white nationalist organization should not have been allowed to gather in the first place.

Now, thousands of miles away in Oakland, California a new protest has sprung up, this time in protest of the Virginia-based protest of yesterday.

“Hundreds of protesters are marching in Oakland, California to decry racism in the wake of deadly violence that erupted at a white nationalist demonstration in Virginia.

“Protesters gathered Saturday night to hear speakers and then marched peacefully downtown, chanting and waving signs and banners.

“Although a few cars were held up by the march, police say the demonstration is peaceful and there have been no arrests.

“The hastily arranged gathering is in response to events earlier Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia. A car plowed into a crowd that was peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally, killing one person and injuring 19.”

The California protest comes just hours after things have simmered to stability in Charlottesville, but still isn’t the first counter protest to occur.

On Saturday night, an impromptu demonstration occurred in Los Angeles, California in response to the Charlottesville nightmare.

As Americans continue to grapple with what occurred in Virginia over the weekend, there will likely be several days’ worth of media attention devoted to the reaction piece.  Racism will once again be a focal point of nightly news coverage, with the right and left duking it out over the implications to the First Amendment.

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