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Angela Merkel’s Plan for North Korea Just as Bad as Her Border Policies

If there is a person on earth less qualified than German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give out foreign policy advice, they are hiding it well.

Merkel, who is largely responsible for the mass influx of radical Islamic terrorists into Europe, has taken time out of her campaign schedule to suggest that North Korea should be given a similar deal to Iran as it pertains to their nuclear development.

Meanwhile, of course, much of Europe is suffering from her incessant, EU-backed plan to enforce middle eastern migrant quotas to aid in the flow of refugees of the Syrian Civil War.  On the surface, this humanitarian gesture seems to be of no great significance, however, the policies put in place by Merkel and the EU are forcing nations throughout the continent to several lessen the vetting process for these immigrants, easily allowing ISIS members to disguise themselves as asylum seekers to gain access to the supposedly sovereign nations of Europe.

The result has been widespread death and destruction at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, and an overwhelming opposition to Merkel’s reelection that has seen the candidate pelted with tomatoes by protesters.

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Now, in an even more asinine twist, Merkel is invoking the failed and dangerous deal that former U.S. President Barack Obama committed to with Iran, allowing the enemy of the U.S. to develop nuclear power with far too little oversight to prevent that technology from also benefitting the Persian nation’s weapons program.

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a newspaper she would be prepared to become involved in a diplomatic initiative to end the North Korean nuclear and missiles program, and suggested the Iran nuclear talks could be a model.

“South Korea on Saturday braced for a possible further missile test by North Korea as it marked its founding anniversary, just days after its sixth and largest nuclear test rattled global financial markets and further escalated tensions in the region.

“‘If our participation in talks is desired, I will immediately say yes,’ Merkel told Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in an interview to be published on Sunday.

“She pointed to negotiations that led to a landmark nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers in 2015. Back then, Germany and the five countries on the United Nations Security Council with veto power took part in talks that led to Iran agreeing to curb its nuclear work in return for the lifting of most sanctions.

“‘I could imagine such a format being used to end the North Korea conflict. Europe and especially Germany should be prepared to play a very active part in that,’ Merkel added.”

This could likely be the last straw for Merkel, whose bleeding heart has already put millions of lives in danger throughout Europe.

Now, with her nose firmly embedded in U.S. business, Chancellor Merkel has not only hinted at an extremely dangerous path forward, but has embarrassed the United States as well by superseding President Trump to conjure the ghost of Barack Obama’s failed diplomacy.

While still considered an ally at this time, Merkel’s actions are likely driving a wedge between Germany and the United States that hasn’t been seen in seven decades.

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