Andie MacDowell Resented for Being Wealthier than Others

Why the outrage against Andie MacDowell?

Andie McDowell has done well as an actress over her lifetime since her 1984 debut in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. She is not a superstar but she has been able to keep working over the years.

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Like most celebrities these days, she includes a Twitter account as part of her Public Relations strategy. And like many people on social media, she realizes she can use her public internet presence to try to get the attention of giant corporations when they rip her off.

So she tweeted the other day:

And she learned how mean twitter can be.

In fact, MacDowell learned that she counted in some people’s minds as a member of the one percent.

She got more of these delusional posts that twisted the meaning of her tweet into a whine about having to fly with commoners. But that isn’t what she said and her picture shows her having fun with the others in “tourist class”

She was complaining, as anyone would, about paying for a service and then being shortchanged. She felt defrauded and was trying to get American Airlines’ attention.

Furthermore, I’m sure American Airlines’ net worth is many times that of the actress. So why is Andie MacDowell resented? Even according to the warped rules of “Occupy Wall Street” envy, it makes no sense. She is “the 99 percent.”

MacDowell may have a monetarily better life than many Americans, but virtually all Americans have a more privileged life than the majority of people in other countries. Does that mean it is wrong for Americans to complain when they are denied a service that they have paid for and were promised.

This kind of cruel envy against MacDowell may seem trivial. Perhaps we should all simply move on, as I’m sure MacDowell has. But this kind of class hostility is fueling at least one candidate’s campaign for the Presidency.

(Hat tip: People Magazine.)

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