Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper’s POTUS-Aimed Twitter Tirade Now Blamed on…

President Trump is hilariously infuriating the bastions of the liberal left, and the mainstream media pundits who are failing to defile him in the public’s eye.

CNN has been especially angry when it comes to the Commander in Chief’s recent successes, with a number of their most prominent on-air personalities taking angry stands whenever they come within a few degrees of the elected President.

When considering the loud and angry Resistance to the President that CNN is so willing to employ, one name comes to mind immediately:  Jim Acosta.

The petulant and childish White House reporter has made a game of garnering personal attention through his bratty outbursts in the press briefing room, often sparring with Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the sole purpose of getting his name in the headlines.  A journalist he is not, nor is he aspiring to be.  Rather, Acosta falls more into the talking head “pundit” category…although that may still be giving the liberal lunatic a bit too much credit.

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Now, after an apparent outburst on Twitter, CNN’s Anderson Cooper looked to have joined the ranks of his colleague Acosta.

“CNN’s Anderson Cooper publicly taunted and insulted President Trump as a ‘tool’ and ‘pathetic loser’ Wednesday morning.

 “Cooper, who is a primetime anchor and the face of the left-wing cable news network CNN, blasted the president personally  using his verified Twitter account. Cooper was responding to one of the president’s own tweet about Tuesday’s Alabama Senate Election.

“’The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily),’ Trump wrote,  ‘is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!’

“Responding directly and almost immediately, Cooper wrote, ‘Oh Really? You endorsed him you tool! Pathetic loser.’”

Today, however, Cooper is in a  social media panic, and claims that he didn’t actually tweet the anti-American message to the President.

Instead of copping to his own inability to maintain his decorum, (an epidemic on the left), Cooper is now making a flimsy claim that his Twitter account was hacked last night, conveniently around the time that this pathetic message was posted.

The liberal media has been widely accused of unnerving bias in the age of President Trump, and it seems as though it is with good reason.  If Cooper’s inability to control his emotions, (or, supposedly, his Twitter account), how can he ever be trusted to president non-partisan information to the American people?

If we look at the larger picture, how can a network such as CNN continue to operate as a “news” organization at all if they refuse to punish their employees for their uncouth behavior in the White House, (in the case of Acosta), or their inability to secure their social media accounts?

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