The Anatomy of a Cover-Up: Where are Hillary’s Emails?

Recently, Judicial Watch’s president, Tom Fitton, recorded a message to the group’s supporters to explain how they spearheaded the search for Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. In their efforts as a government watchdog, the group realized that they had not come across any emails from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to President Obama. As the second highest-ranking official in the land, this was incredibly suspicious, and it sent Judicial Watch on a search that would last years and lead our nation through some very troubling waters.

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For those who say that Judicial Watch was simply muckraking and have found nothing to “prove” Clinton’s obvious corruption, we’d reply, ‘not so’. While everything that has been uncovered has been brushed aside by our federal law enforcement, that is not because the evidence wasn’t compelling, but because the law enforcers were just as corrupt as Clinton.

FBI Director James Comey said that he was not recommending charges be brought against Mrs. Clinton because he could not prove that she intentionally committed her crimes. As many have explained since, this is a horrifically low bar for the Director to set and one that has seemingly never been used in such a manner. On top of this, since his announcement, dozens of new leaks and pieces of evidence have clearly indicated that the Clinton team knew what they did was wrong and that they then acted to cover up their behavior by misleading investigators.

The latest piece of evidence comes from the WikiLeaks emails where one of Hillary’s closest advisors, John Podesta, admits that the Clinton team’s behavior surrounding the email scandal had been “unbelievable.” Even more damning are the words from another Clinton crony, Neera Tanden, who argued that this “crazy” behavior was a Cheryl Mills (Clinton’s Chief of Staff) “special.”

“This is a Cheryl special… this stuff is like her Achilles heel. Or kryptonite. She just can’t say no to this shit.”

Tanden then asks why the Clinton team didn’t get this information out there 18 months earlier in an effort to keep it from being a campaign issue. After Podesta agrees that the behavior was “unbelievable,” Tanden answers her own question and says what conservatives across America already knew…

“I guess I know the answer – they wanted to get away with it.”

They wanted to get away with it, and our Justice Department is trying to let them do so.

With our federal law enforcement abdicating their role in bringing Clinton and her cronies to justice, it is now up to the American people to hold them accountable. The time to stand against Clinton’s corruption is now. Together we can prove that justice in America is still blind. Together we can deliver justice.

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