Amid Ugly Democratic Scandals, Poll Shows Mass U.S. Despondence

There is a societal battle brewing in America today, between the optimism of the Trump administration and the deplorable debauchery of the democratic party.

It has been an entire year since the general election of 2016 in which American stood together to demand a change in Washington D.C. by election Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.  Trump promised the nation that he would put “America first” and that he would “drain the swamp” – a colorful description of his plans to rid the nations capital of the incessant corruption that had led many so-called “leaders” to betray their constituents in search of money and power.

Trump has done just that, with American’s consumer confidence and economic arrogance approaching record levels.  His draining of the swamp, however, has had unforeseen effects on the mood of the nation.

The corruption of the democratic party has been a focus of the swamp-draining contingent in D.C., with the DNC now in utter shambles as higher ups have been forced to admit that the entire primary process was compromised by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team in 2016.  This has, in turn, left Americans feeling downright despondent about the political reality that the democrats have installed across our country.

A new poll by the American Psychological Association has reiterated that feeling.

“The APA’s ‘Stress in America’ poll, which surveys what stresses Americans and how they deal with that stress, found that 59 percent of adults said they considered the present moment to be ‘the lowest point in our nation’s history that they can remember.’

“The poll, first reported by Axios after its release Monday, notes that this includes adults who have lived through World War II, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the 9/11 attacks.

“A lot of this stress can be put down to the vigorous 2016 election, which proved to be a ‘somewhat or very significant’ reason for stress for 52 percent of Americans. Meanwhile, money and work remain high stressors for Americans (62 and 61 percent respectively), according to the poll.

“While an overall majority of adults from both parties are stressed about America’s future, the APA poll found that the number is higher for Democrats — with 73 percent of Democrats stressed, compared to 59 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents.”

It is very easy to recognize and assess the horrid state of the democratic party, and to predict their abysmal future, but now there is hard evidence to back up these insights.

More is likely to come as well, with President Donald Trump admitting that his last photo op at the White House was likely the “calm before the storm” just prior to his leaving for an extended trip to Asia.  While the President has so far refused to clarify his remarks, the machinations of the whistleblower underground, combined with the harrowing accounts of DNC debauchery being disseminated by Donna Brazile and Tom Perez, seem to indicate that a political reckoning in on the horizon.

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