Stormy Daniels

Americans Weigh in On Stormy Daniels Nothing-Burger, Media Cowers

To put it nicely, the mainstream media has steadily been missing the mark on what We The People are actually concerned about in recent years.

To be blunt, however, the 24 hour cable news outlets are less useful than the binoculars at Stevie Wonder’s house.

It is important to continually remind ourselves that CNN exists to generate revenue – not to provide a public service to the American people.  The big name stars, the sensational language, and the constant, emotional bickering that they allow to occur on their programming is indicative of a conflict-driven entertainment platform; not the “news”.

Here is just another example of their intrepid reporting, this time on the 2017 solar eclipse:

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I may have just gotten whiplash from cringing too hard.

And speaking of mature blonde women who aren’t afraid to be in front of the cameras, possibly on drugs, let’s talk about Stormy Daniels, shall we?

Stormy Daniels
Pupils normally grow to the size of dinner plates under television lighting, right?

The former adult actress has been making wild claims that she and Donald Trump slept together back around a dozen years ago, and that she was paid $130,000 and slapped with a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep the story quiet.  Now that her former mark is the President, the still-dancing sex worker has been making a killing thanks to her wild accusations.

Interest in Stephanie Clifford, the porn star known as Stormy Daniels, is at an all-time high, and she’s using it to her advantage, she told CNN after a performance Friday at the Solid Gold gentleman’s club in Pompano Beach, Florida.

“Now, yes, I’m more in demand,” Clifford told CNN. “Like I said in the Rolling Stone interview, if somebody came up to you and said, ‘Hey, you know that job that you’ve been doing forever? How about next week I pay you quadruple,’ show me one person who’s going to say no.”
Clifford has been in the adult entertainment business for 17 years, she said. According to her website, she started out as a dancer in Louisiana before moving to Los Angeles to make porn films. Now, she said, she not only acts but writes and directs films as well.
Amid all the hullabaloo being contrived by CNN and others, we’ve lost sight of the most important aspect of this whole affair, (no pun intended); does American even care?  After all, this is the man elected President after the nation got a load of the Access Hollywood tape, not to mention the last three decades of Donald Trump’s daily behavior.  Are We The People sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for the word of an aging exotic dancer to be verified by former FBI chief Robert Mueller?
The answer to that question is an emphatic “Hell no”.
Despite weeks and weeks of media hype about porn star Stormy Daniels, not only has President Trump’s job approval rating jumped in the latest Quinnipiac poll, but only 23 percent of Americans believe the alleged affair is an important issue. A massive majority of 73 percent say it is not.

Even 51 percent of Democrats agree it is not an important issue, along with 79 percent of Independents. Moreover, there is also no notable gender gap on the question.

In worse news for the media, although Trump denies the affair, by a margin of 58 – 14 percent they do not believe him but they still do not care.

By a margin of 59 – 24 percent, people also believe Trump knew about the $130,000 payoff to silence Daniels (Trump denies being told about it). But by a margin of 59 – 38  percent, they say Trump’s possible knowledge of the payoff is not an important issue — this includes 63 percent of Independents. And again there is no notable gender gap on the question.

One again, it is fairly obvious that CNN has missed the mark.  Worse yet is that their nonstop rollercoaster of political crescendoing have installed a hearty seasickness in the ever-radical left.  When the Stormy story’s ride comes to an untimely end, there will be a mass of angry Antifa twerps looking for something to rage against.  And we all know where that could be headed.


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