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Americans Reject Mainstream Media’s “Overly Negative” Trump Coverage

The mainstream media seems to think that America, the nation that elected Donald Trump as President, would love to hear their incessant chastising of the Commander in Chief.

It’s a terribly misguided conclusion with the dinosaur liberal media, many of whom have been relegated to the realm of “fake news” due to the overwhelming presence of the new, free press.  CNN, NBC, and others have all struggled in recent months to maintain any form of relevance on the national stage, as their inherent bias has been far too apparent for the level-headed Americans looking for actual news.  Furthermore, by insulting the intelligence of We The People, who overwhelmingly decided that Trump was to become President, these networks have doomed their ratings and harpooned their own advertising budgets.

We must remember that the mainstream media is dependent on advertisers to continue operating, therefore, their number one priority will always be entertainment.

Now, as Americans grow tired of the chicanery and are learning to see past the charade, with more than a little help from Trump himself, a new poll shows that, as a nation, we are just plain over the incessantly negative coverage of The Donald.

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“From the survey analysis:

“‘In our recent nationwide online survey of 856 likely U.S. voters, conducted from June 14 to June 16, 2017 we analyzed voters’ attitudes regarding President Trump and the mainstream media’s coverage of his presidency. The margin of error for this survey was +/- 3.4 percentage points.’

“‘A majority of likely voters (57%) believe the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump is too negative and 44% disagree. While the President has been known to slam media outlets for “fake news”, our poll shows voters are not crazy about the mainstream media’s coverage of the Trump presidency.'”

This lines up perfectly with recent events in Washington D.C. that have seen congress completely botch healthcare reform, and liberal judges meddle in national security Executive Orders.

America will likely squirm out from under the thumb of the mainstream media completely in 2017.  The options for real, true journalism to occur outside of the realm of cable television’s antiquated form are just too great.  The Free Press, as we’ve come to call it, is rising from the crevices of this unethical ice age of bias in which CNN and other will soon face their demise.  The American people are far too smart for this facade, and Donald Trump’s unwillingness to compromise his actions by allowing the press to spin them has been a large part of this awakening.

Americans have spoken:  CNN and their gaggle of fake news followers are marching toward the cliff’s edge.  We The People don’t intend to stop them.

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