Americans Questioned About Transgender Bathrooms…Their Answers May Surprise You [VIDEO]

Dan Joseph with MRCTV asked passersby near the Washington Monument restrooms about their opinions on transgender bathrooms.

The recent controversy deals with transgender bathrooms, and more particularly the issue of allowing people to use whichever gender-specific facility – whether it be a locker room or a restroom – that is consistent with their “gender identity.”

Dan Joseph got mixed reactions in his interviews. While several voiced concern over the prospect of allowing men into women’s restrooms and women into men’s restrooms, others were very supportive of the idea.

One girl who attends public school said that she has transgender friends, and she would want them to use whichever restroom or locker room they felt comfortable in.

When Joseph asked the girl if it would be okay if he used the women’s restroom, the girl responded in the affirmative, under the condition that he identified as a woman.

Others in support of allowing people to use gender-specific facilities consistent with their “gender identity” reasoned that since kids – boys and girls – grow up in homes with “gender-neutral” bathrooms – that is, both the boys and the girls use the same restroom – it should be no different with public restrooms. Joseph asked them if their boys and girls go into the restroom at home at the same time. They didn’t appear prepared for that question.

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