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Americans No Longer Fooled By Mainstream Fake News Says Recent Poll

The mainstream media has opened a virtual Pandora’s box in the last 8 months by attempting to create a “fake news” moniker for their opponents.

During the election of 2016, Donald Trump’s unique campaign brought forth a massive conservative uprising in the United States.  Somewhere between fiscally conscious republicans and the Tea Party laid a massive, unheard segment of the population who distrusted the Washington elitist republicans almost as much as they despised democrats and their demigods Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In the case of Trump, they had a third option:  A man without a country, so to speak, not beholden to the whims of the Washington overlords and their lobbying parasites and certainly not beholden to the Clinton crime family that hoped to once again rule the liberal lands of the left.

The media analysts saw this coming a mile away, and frantically engaged failed strategy after failed strategy in an attempt to quell the rising tide of conservatism to no avail.  One tactic in their employ during this time was the use of a digital scarlet letter, “fake news”.  The concept was extremely simple, too simple really, in that the mainstream media would denigrate any news sources that did not fit into their tightly woven narrative by proclaiming them to be “fake news”.  They truly believed that this would work, due to the underground nature of many conservative news websites – a trait that had been bestowed upon those sites by the mainstream media monopoly itself.

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What they couldn’t have expected, however, was that Trump – in all of his battle-savvy wisdom – would quickly parlay the phrase like an opposing army’s arrow, snatching it up after a clever defense and placing it deftly into his own verbose quiver.  This swift and timely maneuver woke the American people up to the tricks of the liberally-controlled 24 hour news cycles.

Now, more than ever, these same Americans are ready to fight back against the democrats’ vast monopoly on mainstream news.

“Two out of three voters believe ‘there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media,’ according to a new poll.

“The most trusting supporters of the establishment media were found among Hillary Clinton’s voters, where only 42 percent said the media contains much fake news. Fifty-eight percent of her voters disagreed with the statement that “there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.” One-sixth of Clinton’s voters, or 14 percent, strongly disagreed that the statement that the establishment media includes a lot of fake news.

“Eighty-five percent of Donald Trump’s voters believe “there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media,” according to the poll of the 2,006 registered voters.

“Overall, Trump’s voters split 85 percent to 15 percent in agreement, while Clinton’s voters split 58 percent agree to 42 percent disagree. That adds up to a 64-point gap between the two camps about the scale of fake news in the establishment media. “

While Trump has certainly found himself embattled in Washington, as many suspected that he would, the awakening that his presidency has already brought to the people of America is an astounding triumph.  No longer do we find ourselves searching for a people’s politician, but, instead, for a person to poke and prod the politicians.


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