Is China Really The Reason U.S. Companies Can’t Compete?

Listening to some of the those who call in to national Talk Radio shows is all the evidence one needs to be convinced of how woefully ignorant the American people on the left and right are regarding the economy, business, the market, etc.

I get that those who watch MSNBC don’t get these concepts, but the folks who listen to conservative Talk Radio are supposed to be smarter than average. We hear from many Radio Hosts that the listeners of their particular show are the smartest audience out there. Yet listening to those who get through to converse with the Hosts on air appear to be just as ignorant. I don’t mean stupid – I mean ignorant. There is a big difference. Being ignorant is defined simply as lacking knowledge, whereas being stupid is a choice.

A good example of this is the subject of taxes. Empirical data clearly shows, as does common sense, that high taxation hurts the economy. An ignorant person may have never learned or been shown this, so they can’t be faulted for thinking otherwise or falling prey to some politicians rhetoric. A stupid person is one who rejects, for whatever reason, that which he or she has been shown as fact.

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I’m not sure how to categorize some of those who support a certain candidate of which I will not name. My hope is that they are ignorant and therefore fall easy prey to a certain candidate’s bombastic bloviation. Otherwise they are no better example of this phenomenon is from two callers who got through to the Mark Levin radio program this past Monday evening.

As an aside – may I point out that if you ever call in to a radio show with the intent to challenge the host – don’t choose Levin. He is the smartest man I know, and he will chew you up and spit you out.

Burning_moneyAnyway – the first caller is Terry from California who claims her custom hardwood flooring business has suffered over the years due those darn Chinese and their cheap imported wood flooring. She claims, and I’m sure rightly so, that she cannot compete with China. Mark cuts in and says, “How do you know that your sales are tanking due to China and not Sacramento?” To this she answered, “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Mark then reminds her of the rabidly anti-business environment in California, with its high state income tax, sales tax, ridiculously burdensome regulatory mandates, illegal immigration, etc. Mark added that no amount of tariffs will make up for the damage that politicians and regulators have done to the people and businesses of California.

Yet it was so easy for her to not think about the real issues and just blame China for all her business woes when her company is in the most heavily regulated state in the Union. Gee – I wonder where she got the idea to blame China. Could it be from a certain unnamed candidate who claims China is kicking our butts? Levin says he understands the appeal to blame China and these other countries, but the only ones kicking our butts are our own governments –federal, state and local.

Then it was on to Tim from Queens who agrees with Mark 99% of the time. Tim explains that companies are just leaving America because of corporate greed and they are just looking for cheap labor. Tim, like Terry, then started in with the jack up the tariffs mantra. Mark reminded him that America presently imposes over 12,000 tariffs and asked if they are doing anything for the economy. Tim had to agree they were not.

Thanks to Mark, Tim and Terry went away more educated and more reasonable than when they called in.

The enemies to business in America don’t come from without. It’s not the fault of China or Mexico that many U.S. businesses can no longer compete. One can’t blame those countries for trying to gain an edge in the U.S. marketplace. They are rightly looking out for their own interests, not those of our country. We can’t say the same.

The politicians we elect believe their only job is to grow government and the regulatory state. Until that can be fixed, we can impose all the tariffs we want on other countries and it won’t make a darn bit of difference.

Check that. Actually it will make a difference. It will cause prices for everything to skyrocket and make things far worse.

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