Guess Who These Bernie Sanders Supporters Endorsed For VP [VIDEO]

Journalist Mark Dice interviewed several Californians about their opinions on Bernie Sanders’ announcement that Bernie Madoff would be his running mate. Many of the respondents were happy with Sanders’s vice presidential pick.

Obviously, there was no such announcement from Bernie Sanders. Bernie Madoff – the famous investment fraudster – is currently serving a 150-year prison sentence for his many crimes associated with defrauding thousands of people of billions of dollars.

But Mark Dice’s respondents – many of whom were Bernie Sanders supporters – did not appear to know any better. They were supportive of Bernie Sanders’ supposed pick for VP. This Californian explained:

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“One person told me about him and said good things so if he’s as good as the person says then I’m all for it….From what I heard, what I was told about what Bernie’s about, I’m all for it.”

Dice asked a woman whether it would be okay for there to be a “Bernie/Bernie” ticket, or if it would be problematic, since they’d both share the same first name. “Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool, it’s pretty bada**, yeah,” she said.

Another man was supportive of Madoff as Sanders’s VP pick, since Madoff has an “extensive financial background.” He explained:

“From what I hear, Bernie is kind of starting a revolution, right, he wants to help a lot of people, a lot of low income individuals and I think since he got another Bernie – Bernie Madoff – as his VP, I think that will really solidify his position.”

Here’s video of Mark Dice – wearing a “Hitlary” t-shirt and armed with a microphone inscribed with “The News” – interviewing passersby in San Diego:

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