Americans Double Their Confidence in POTUS Trump’s Economics

Amid the turmoil of this week’s response to the Weekend War of Charlottesville, President Trump is gaining traction in at least one category.

The left has been swiftly radicalizing in recent months, thanks to the democratic party’s insistence that Donald Trump is some sort of illegitimate President.  It began with the so-called “resistance” movement that sought to oppose Trump as every turn, and evolved into the mass assassination attempt of republican congressmen by James T. Hodgkinson, and the continued violence of the ironically named “antifa” protesters.

Despite the severity of the nation’s numerous social crises, the President continues on his path of success, with Americans overwhelmingly agreeing that Trump’s economic prowess is working.

“The ‘positive feelings’ most Americans feel in the economy since Donald Trump became president has ‘jumped,’ and many can actually cite the improvements in their personal finances since the Inauguration, according to a new survey.

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“The swing in confidence in the latest Economist/YouGov survey was due in part to the shift in attitudes among Republicans, while Democrats haven’t abruptly changed their views much since Barack Obama was president.

 “The survey found that those who view the economy getting better has nearly doubled under Trump, up to 30 percent from 17 percent a year ago.

“The view of Republicans has swung 180 degrees. Under Obama, 5 percent saw the economy as ‘getting better’ and today it is 53 percent.”

Of course, the mainstream media will likely ignore these figures in an effort to continue their coverage of President Trump’s never-enough condemnation of white nationalists groups who were involved in a series of melees in Virginia over the weekend.

Should the liberally-controlled media stray from the anti-Trump “resistance” propaganda that keeps their malleable millennial viewers watching the commercials they air, they will likely focus on the cries from the left to erase all history of the American Civil War.

One thing is for sure, the nation’s societal divide is good for media business, so we should expect to hear little else from these mainstream cretins for the remainder of the week.

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