American Suicide: When Posterity is Slaughtered and Sold

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Have no part in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them; for it is shameful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light…

This week, our nation came face to face with a gruesome reality:

Planned Parenthood kills babies.

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Wait, that’s not the newsflash.

The outrage has actually commenced because a “doctor” was caught cavalierly discussing how Planned Parenthood also sells off the body parts of the tiny children they kill…and that they take care to kill them so they can get the most “useful parts” from their victims.

Livers. Legs. Heads. Hearts. Selling off our humanity, bit by tiny bit.

The footage shocks viewers with the casual brutality the abortionist displays. It’s too clear to be excused away. It cuts too close to be ignored. No clever slogans or social media memes can distract from the blood-chilling truth that everybody really knows:

These were people. “Doctors” killed them. And you, America, paid for their execution.

In fact, since you’ve been reading this, two more American children have died. We will never know their favorite color, or whether they’re good at math. We won’t know if they were graceful or clumsy, social-butterflies or still-river types. But we know they were here with us…because we feel them missing.

In the next 60 seconds, two more little children will disappear from our world. The minute after that, two more…on purpose. Because we think we want them gone.

It is often said that worldviews have consequences. Dear reader, 56 million human lives is too steep a consequence for our heads to grasp, for our hearts to bear, or for our nation to sustain.

The arguments abound. “An unfortunate necessity.” “Safe, Legal, and Rare:” as if killing children and endangering their mothers could ever be any of those three. “The law of the land,” kowtowing to a court opinion with all the legislative force of a ruling to paint the sky red. For what legal authority can we possess to deprive innocent children of their inalienable right to life (utterly without due process, let alone human feeling)?

Candidates memorize the talking points, but do nothing to stop the killing. America’s genocide is relegated to the corner, as merely a “divisive social issue,” or cannon fodder in a “culture war” (which breaks to new mutiny only when the political status quo needs those precious “values” votes). A war it is: strong vs. weak. Adults vs. children. Our own children.

We could express these “casualties” in a myriad of ways:
The economic loss of 1.3 million new citizens each year;
The unknown wealth of knowledge, discovery, skill that we’ve snuffed out before birth;
The biological/existential danger of destroying our own progeny;

But statistics and politics cannot really express this barren hell we’ve crafted for ourselves.

We’ve turned our city on a hill into a Darwinian slog through the slough, all of us fighting to become the strongest and most powerful, at the expense of our most vulnerable. The weak and humble have no place in such a world, except to serve the strong.

If they are not useful, not “the best of their race,” as Planned Parenthood’s Founder Margaret Sanger would say, they are “human weeds” clogging up the gene pool, an “unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born.”

Burdensome. Disposable.

Better yet, profitable. Why should an industry, which we pay to kill our children, not sell off their little human bodies as well? It’s a little too late to cry “sanctity!” only post-dismemberment.

Yes, it sounds like some demented Orwellian nightmare, but it’s a nightmare we’ve all been living, teaching, and subsidizing for the last several decades; living a web of lies for this long, we have become practically incapable of seeing any way of our delusion.

Complain all you like about our feckless elected scoundrels (and this author does, with aplomb). Perhaps it’s time to realize that our elected employees do, in fact, represent us—in all the worst ways. Governance by whim, morality by desire, a blatant disconnect with truth, honor, or responsibility…that’s our new normal.

When we wake every day and kill our own baby sons and daughters, just because we want to, there is no reason we can expect moral uprightness from our purported leaders. We deserve that sinking feeling of insecurity every day: it’s our hard-earned wage.

When you have a spouse that isn’t fulfilling all your dreams, get rid of them. When your elderly relative is no longer independent, make them someone else’s problem. When you have an unexpected baby, you can kill her. And when you spend more money than you can ever expect to have, make someone else pay.

Like all delusions, egocentrism feels comfortable and rewarding in the present. Accountability is highly uncomfortable, whether it’s to your family, your constituency, your Creator. Very inconvenient for personal gain.

So why must I have any obligations at all? Why have any set laws? Why can’t I just live my truth and deny anything more transcendent? Why can’t I just do what I want right now and let the future take care of itself?

Because the cost of perpetuating our universe of denial is the murder of any future we might have had.

The Founding Fathers fought with every ounce of their being for their own survival, and their own independence. But they crafted their nation with a constant thought to posterity: what they could do to guarantee their children’s future, as free and prosperous people.

But we’re far more enlightened than they. We’re killing our own children and selling their body parts.

More than 56,000,000 young lives have been brutally stomped out through state-sanctioned (and sponsored) abortion in the last 40 years. But the cost to our culture is far higher than even that mind-boggling number can possibly denote.

We cannot ask “how many abortions does it take to equal a genocide?” because, in pure numbers, Americans have killed more of our own than most of history’s monsters.
Instead we must ask “what is the value of every human life?” And “what am I willing to do to honor and protect that life?”

Not a million lives, or fifty million, but each single life. For, as Dr. Alan Keyes once said, “if even a single life is violated consciously and by law, you have surrendered the principle. And it is only a matter of time before society itself will collapse under the weight of that surrender.”

We have been killing ourselves, sentencing our posterity to be slaughtered and sold, sacrificing our future for a warped view of freedom. What kind of liberty can we purchase at the price of our innocent babies’ blood?

Can we finally stop the killing now, America?

Now that yet another angle of the pure evil we have open for business in every neighborhood, every day, has been exposed? Are we shocked, sickened, convicted enough to fall to our knees…and stand up for those being led away to slaughter? What else could it possibly take?


Rebekah Maxwell

Rebekah Maxwell is a columnist, activist, and broadcaster, whose homeschooled education gives her a unique perspective on the issues that face the next generation. Rebekah is the executive producer for the nationally-syndicated Steve Deace Show, and columnist at Her journalistic work has been honored by the Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

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