American Suffers Acoustic Attack in Uzbekistan, Russia Eyed as Culprit

An interesting development in Uzbekistan has many wondering whether or not Russia has secretly and recently attacked U.S. personnel in the region.

Tensions between the Cold War foes have been on the rise in recent months, thanks in part to the democratic conspiracy theory regarding Russia’s supposed involvement in the 2016 presidential election.  This nonsense was first suggested by a doomed Hillary Clinton during her mudslinging campaign appearances as a way to demean and delegitimize her political opponent, and eventual President, Donald Trump.

Then, as any good liberal lap dog would do, then-President Barack Obama backed Clinton up by running roughshod over the already tense relationship between the U.S. and Russia by “punishing” the accused nation with the removal of several dignitary positions within the United States.

Now, over a year later and with no evidence of any such collusion, Russia has been steadily working to fight back against the democratic dig.  It has been revealed this week that they may even be taking a trick out of the Cubans’ book by employing the use of acoustic weaponry against U.S. targets.

Or, possibly, Russia may have been involved with those Cuban incidents all along.

“A newly revealed incident reported by a USAID officer who is based at the American embassy in Uzbekistan is raising suspicions Russia may have been involved and could have had a hand in bizarre attacks targeting U.S. diplomats in Cuba, according to American sources.

“In September, the officer and his wife reported, according to one source familiar with the incident, what may have been at least one acoustic attack similar to those experienced by the diplomats in Havana.

“The first Cuba attacks began in November 2016, and the last report of an attack was in August 2017. Victims of the attacks in Cuba describe hearing a loud, high-pitched sound often described like a hiss of cicadas or crickets in unusual places—often in their homes.”

While the idea that Russia is actively attacking the United States isn’t a new one, given the wild theories being pushed by Clinton and her cronies, what doesn’t make sense at all would be the hypothetical continuation of these attacks if Donald Trump was truly some puppet of the Ruskie regime.

In others words, Hillary Clinton and the guests at her speculative soirée cannot have their cake and eat it too.  Either the Russians interfered in the election, or the Russians are actively attacking U.S. personnel who now work under the Commander in Chief Donald Trump.  Both occurring concurrently completely negates one, if not both, of the democrats’ bizarre allegations.


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