American Pop Music Returning to Conservative Roots with Country Chic

While the left continues attempting to derail Donald Trump’s every move, claiming that the nation is prepared for a progressive revolution, every action they take belies their insincerity.

To keen observers, the entire United States is undergoing a massive transformation of ideals, and unequivocally turning to the right side of politics and culture.  This isn’t just evidenced by Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to power and the successes that have come along with it, but in the attitude of the entire American population as well.

2017 will go down in history as a bizarre year for our nation.  We were bombarded by neo-Fascist leftists who attempted to intimidate the country into amending our right to Free Speech to ignore any ideologies that could be construed as “offensive” – which is really just a nice way to say that they were planning to censor any opinions that they didn’t care for.  This plan of attack came to fruition in locales such as Berkeley, California, when conservative speakers Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter were literally run off of campus by rioting leftists.

On the other hand, however, 2017 was an incredible year for American victims of sexual abuse.  Women, (and some men), were able to have their accusations heard and taken seriously for the first time ever, no matter the status of those being accused of inappropriate conduct.

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Even liberal kingmaker and Hollywood’s most influential producer, Harvey Weinstein, has fallen from grace in the ensuing controversy after more than ninety women accused the mogul of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to rape.

Make no mistake about:  Weinstein’s fate, and the similar fates of prominent democrats such as John Conyers, Al Franken, and Matt Lauer is no feather in the cap for the left side of national politics.  Instead, this is just a symptom of America’s conservative awakening, in which the entire nation is returning to traditional beliefs regarding how to treat one another.  The Golden Rule, derived certainly from the stories of The Bible, along with the conservative tenets of chivalry, are back in style, and we cannot allow the liberal base to glean any accolades from their non-participation in this revolution.

Now, we have evidence of American culture turning conservative too, with pop artists eschewing their normal hip hop and R&B influences for something a little more down home.

The latest example of this homecoming for American music comes to us from former boyband star Justin Timberlake, whose forthcoming album has a distinct rural flair to it:

And Justin Timberlake isn’t the first 21st century pop star to either explore a bit of Appalachia or head back home to it.

Recently, Lady Gaga’s image underwent an enormous shift from meat-dresses and Black Swan-style makeup to cowboy hats and a grittier aesthetic, signaling that either Gaga or her management have recognized the coming profitability of an authentic American experience.

Miley Cyrus, (aka Hannah Montana), has also returned to her country roots, creating and releasing an album recently that exists in an entirely different universe than her previous works of bubblegum, faux-artsy nonsense.  Of course, Cyrus is the daughter of 90’s country sensation Billy Ray Cyrus, making this jump a bit more understandable.

Other notables have been Alabama-born rapper Yelawolf, who has exchanged his drum machines and lowriders for dobro guitars and airboats over the course of the last few years, and Kesha, who herself was at the center of an horrific incident of sexual abuse at the hands of her former producer.  The embattled singer has gone a little country, performing a duet with the unflappable Dolly Parton on her latest album.

This overarching theme of a return to American roots is certainly taking hold across the entire nation, and not just in the right wing pockets of our incredible country, signaling that America is ready to be American again.

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