American Nazis and Kentuckians Clash Over The Weekend in Pikeville

Liberals love using the N-word to describe their political enemies, such as Donald Trump, George W. Bush, or any other conservative republican they speak about.

No, we’re not talking about that most derogatory of words from the darker corners of American history.  We’re talking about the N-word from Germany in the middle of the 20th century:  Nazi.

Whenever the left disagrees with a policy being implemented by the right, they inevitably turn around and proclaim that the instigator is “a Nazi”.  George W. Bush was “a Nazi”, according to the liberals who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Donald Trump is currently also “a Nazi”, according to these leftist-loyalists, for a litany of reasons, none of which these liberal lunatics can actually articulate.

You see, using this N-word requires no background information.  It’s use is simply for shock value.  The word itself, regardless of context, is harsh and abrasive.  When you include your own knowledge of World War II, Adolph Hitler, and The Holocaust, the word conjures up horrific images:  Grainy video of bombing runs.  Death and destruction.  Atrocities unfathomable to the modern man.

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The use of the term “Nazi” is simply a scarlet letter that carries with it decades of human suffering and evil, yet, the left continues to throw it around as if they were ordering appetizers at an Applebee’s.

What many leftists forget is that there are still Americans who actually subscribe to Nazi idealism, and identify as Nazis.  This small sect of disenfranchised individuals often come from low-income situations where American Nazi leaders can easily prey on them.  For every young person, down on their luck in a rural area with no economic future, the American Nazi ideology hits home.  These Neo-Nazis allow these malleable young people to blame everyone else for their hardships, and the bonds they form with like-minded individuals are all forged from this redirected anger.

The American Nazis are no joke, as evidenced by a confrontation this weekend in Kentucky.

“About 70 white supremacists, many armed with guns, held a rally in the small, Appalachian town of Pikeville, Kentucky, on Saturday, before they were booed out of town by demonstrators protesting the event.

“White supremacists from the Traditionalist Workers Party, the League of the South and the National Socialist Movement — the country’s most-prominent neo-Nazi organization — gathered on the side of the town’s historic courthouse and screamed back and forth at anti-fascist (Antifa) demonstrators who were separated from the Nazis by police and barricades.

“The rally in Pikeville was different from other recent rallies for a few reasons that may have quelled any potential violence. First, the police were very successful in keeping the two groups away from each other — the white supremacists parked in their own parking lot and were escorted from the rally by several officers as riot police kept the Antifas on the other side of the road.

“Kentucky is also an open-carry state with reciprocity, meaning that if someone has an open carry permit in another state they can also carry a weapon in Kentucky. Like the neo-Nazis, many counter-protestors were also carrying guns — and so the consequences of a clash between the two groups could have been much more serious than a black eye. In other states where Antifas and white nationalists have gone at it, like a dust up at Berkley in California earlier this month, people weren’t openly walking around with AR-15s due to the state’s stricter gun laws.

“Another factor that may have contributed to the lack of violence in Pikeville was a move made by the city commission prior to the rally. Last week, the commission issued an emergency ordinance banning masks and hoods in the downtown area during the rally. Many Antifa groups subscribe to the ‘black bloc’ method of civil disobedience, which generally includes wearing dark masks and hoods to conceal their identities, like the ‘black bloc’ protestor who famously punched ‘alt-right’ leader Richard Spencer in the face earlier this year and who set fires and raised general hell on Washington D.C. during Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

With this scourge of society still running rampant on our nation’s streets, and indoctrinating our nation’s rural youth at an alarming rate, it is deplorable for liberals and leftists to so casually use the N-word to describe their enemies.

There is still true evil in this world, and until the left can recognize that, their judgements will remain meaningless.

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