American Hero and Wounded Warrior Brian Kolfage Takes on the Culture of the Oppressed

On the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the disease of disrespect that started with 49ers backup QB Colin Kaepernick has now spread across the league and to various teams. While these folks have the freedom to disrespect our flag, our anthem, and our nation – we have the freedom to condemn them for their actions.

I won’t waste the ink calling out these over-paid and disrespectful athletes. Instead, I’ll let one of my personal heroes, Wounded Warrior and American Hero, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, handle it.

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From Senior Airman Brian Kolfage:

I’m sick of hearing about how people think an entire race of people in America are oppressed. The rose tinted blinders are so damn thick in America because our brave military has kept 99.9% of all Americans in the biggest safety bubble ever seen for the past 80 years!

I’ll be blunt, no one in the United States is oppressed, unless you are being held captive against your own free will.

America is the land of opportunity, there’s not another place on this planet that affords anyone the chance to be whatever they want. Success doesn’t come easy; it usually takes multiple failures and lots of hard work.

Success is never easy but that is what these ‘oppressed’ people think. They want everything handed to them, and if it’s not easy to achieve then they must be ‘oppressed’ right?! But it doesn’t work that way.

We see stories weekly of people who’ve risen above their hardships with tenacity and dedication to become extraordinary citizens of our community. Whether it be immigrants who arrived with nothing, illegal aliens, inner city teens, or just the impoverished. These people weren’t oppressed, they had every opportunity, they were dedicated and stayed away from trouble.

People who make excuses for their failures in life are not oppressed; they made poor choices and now are stuck with the repercussions of those choices. They can still rise above it, but when they blame others they’re just ‘oppressing’ their mindset into failure.

I’ve been to third world countries and seen REAL oppression. Where 4-year-old kids were homeless, smoking cigarettes, begging for food and water with no hope for a future, education, a home, running water, income, etc. etc., that’s oppression!

Everyone is dealt a deck of cards in the game of life. And how you play your cards is the outcome of your life. Some have it easier some have it more difficult. But every single American has the chance to be successful if they want it bad enough (unless your held against your free will as a slave or have a very severe disability) and that’s undeniable.

Common sense is dying. Exhibit A: Colin Kaepernick


Amen, Brian. Amen.


Onan Coca

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