The Fascist Movement is Flexing Its Muscles in California As Trump Visits Before June 7 Primary Day

The Left likes to call Donald Trump a fascist and his supporters Brownshirts or Nazis, but the Left has a little problem with psychological projection.

Let’s review what happened in California this week.

All the presidential candidates are touring the state because of the primary next week, on June 7. Although Trump is a lock, he still respects his base enough to put in several appearances.

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Hillary Clinton and [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] are still duking it out. California’s a big fat plum, and Clinton has not yet bagged the nomination, so she needs to win the state. Sanders is a natural draw on the Left Coast, and he’s causing Hillary a lot of sleepless nights.

So what happened at the Sanders rallies? Mostly just a lot of gullible young people and various brainwashed former hippies came out and made some noise.

What happened at the Clinton rallies? Hillary and the entire Democratic establishment tried to whip up some excitement for her lackluster campaign that is overshadowed by her numerous scandals and possible indictment. The despair was palpable as the Clintons hit dozens of events in just a few days.

Both Sanders and Bill Clinton made photo-op stops at In-N-Out Burger joints, which is proper form for campaigning in California. Bernie apparently chatted up the workers, while most of the photos of Bill posted online are of him with suspiciously attractive young women, including the staff of the restaurant he stopped at, who just coincidentally happened to be mostly women that day. (Funny how that happened.)

What about Mr. Trump, though? How did those events turn out?

Well, in San Diego, police had to quell a near riot by Trump protesters, who tried to start fights, jump on cars and engage in other acts of intimidation and violence. The police did a fine, professional job of it, so naturally, the ACLU and other left-wing groups are filing official complaints, probably in preparation for a lawsuit.

In Orange County, protesters outside a Trump rally jammed local streets, harassed drivers and looked like they wanted to stir up more trouble, but once again, local police did their duty and got things back under control.

Los Angeles and Fresno protests were loud but mostly peaceful.

So the apparently frustrated Left decided to ramp things up in San Jose on Thursday, and Trump supporters leaving his rally were taunted, pushed, punched and chased. One woman whose image is making the Internet rounds was pelted with eggs and bottles. The protesters drew blood from more than one Trump supporter, punched and kicked at least 12, and they burned the American flag, as well as Trump hats and paraphernalia. No surprise, many of the protesters waved their Mexican flags while all of the above was happening. At least one police officer was injured.

A frustrated Police Chief Eddie Garcia admitted on Friday that there weren’t enough police on hand to deal with the level of violence from the protesters. This despite there being 250 riot-gear-clad officers outside the San Jose Civic Center and about 600 protesters, according to various accounts. A police statement noted that the commanding officers present had a difficult choice of moving officers in to arrest people on the spot at the risk of further inciting the mob.

Steve Tong, a Cupertino resident who attended the Trump rally and witnessed the violence after, said, “It was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like that in America before.”

San Jose’s Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Democrat, blamed Trump for the violence.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for his irresponsible behavior,” Liccardo said.

Liccardo is an idiot.

He’s also a pretty typical Democrat.

Years of divisive, racist, anti-Republican rhetoric and teaching young people that the way to “participate” in democracy is to yell, scream, intimidate and smash have finally paid off for the Democratic Party. They now have ready-to-order rent-a-mobs across this land, especially in Liberal bastions like California.

While it’s true that a hallmark of fascism historically is a call to nationalism, and Donald Trump does want to “Make America Great Again,” it’s also true and more to the point that the two leading Liberal candidates and their media lackeys are making dog whistles to “save” the country for “our way of life” from Trump and conservatives in general.

Liberals like to say Trump is racist and trying to divide the country into the “pure” and the “unpure,” for that also is a hallmark of fascism. However, in the case of Trump, that accusation is just a load of hogwash. His point is, and has been all along, directed at those who have broken the law by illegally entering the country and then continuing to cause problems directly linked to that fact, or who come from countries controlled in large part by terrorists, for whom we have no effective method of screening.

Meanwhile, Liberals have in actuality in the past eight years divided this country along racial lines as it has not been divided in many decades. And they continue to work to deepen those divisions. The demon-spawned for Liberals, though (because every fascist movement needs an “other” as enemy), are white conservative Christians. The propaganda has worked so well that hordes of young white people can frequently be heard bemoaning “white privilege” on college campuses across the country.

Liberals like to blame Trump for the violence outside his rallies, but it’s obviously not Trump who’s leading the mobs. They are bought, paid for and bused in by Democratic Party supporters. Follow the money and you’ll find some well-known individuals and organizations paying the bills.

Another hallmark of fascism, perhaps the most key identifier, is the use of intimidation, violence and government authority to shut down opposition.

Just ask deputy editor Emmett Rensin about that sort of behavior. On Thursday, the day of the San Jose violence, he took to Twitter, saying, “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.” He doubled down when called on it, by insisting he wasn’t joking: “Let’s be clear: It’s never a shame to storm the barricades set up around a fascist.”

Glass houses, anyone?

It’s pretty clear which party is sending out its stormtroopers to intimidate the community. If there’s any doubt, just go to one of these protests and ask. Watch out for bottles, though.


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