The American Dream is Alive and Well in “Forgotten America”

History is always written by the winners, which often time creates a distorted picture of the reality. The last eight years of America’s history have been written by the progressive left, thus the image of prosperity has been peddled to the masses. However, the sad reality is that this image of prosperity is nothing more than mere distortion following in the steps of predecessors like FDR.

The reality, for the American people, in the last eight years can be summed up best by the clichéd words of Charles Dickens; “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. According to Jim Hinckley, acclaimed author, the last eight years were in fact the best of times and the worst of times for small communities along America’s mother road; Route 66.

Fresh off of a 4800 mile speaking engagement, Jim can attest to the trials and triumphs that the last eight years have brought to the communities and small businesses in the “forgotten” parts of America that were highly publicized in the 2016 election cycle by the Trump campaign. While he asserts that it is too early to tell the effect that a Trump Administration will have on these communities and their businesses, Jim Hinckley can attest to the support for the President-elect in these diminutive communities.

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Hinckley testifies to the deep political concern in these rural pockets of America. As he sat down with community leaders and local political leaders alike, he could sense the deep love for America that these people felt, their authentic quest for the American dream and their growing concern for the direction our nation is heading in.

In the last eight years, these communities in small town America have thrived. They’ve thrive not with the help of government regulations, but in spite of them. Small towns along the mother road with up to 95% vacancies have transformed their small farming and mining towns in to top destinations for tourism. They have done so in spite of the international travel advisory that other nations have issued in light of the gun violence issue and in spite of the current administration’s regulatory actions on businesses.

In the technical sense, Route 66 has not existed in over thirty years. The road was decertified in 1985 but that has not stopped the communities from transforming themselves. Perhaps these communities will and determination is the only reason they still exist. In spite of government regulations, these communities have used technological advances to grow their towns and to mass advertise themselves.

Route 66, Hinckley claims, is home to the true America success stories. Stories of immigrants working their way up from the bottom to open a family owned business that remains in the hands of family to this day and stories of people retiring from the commercialized industry to start their own hotel in Tucumcari, New Mexico common stories that Hinckley hears in his travels.

Route 66 is America’s longest operating small town and it is America’s small towns at its finest. Route 66 has survived and thrived because of grassroots activism and the mom and pop enterprises that drive the communities along the mother road to success.

Whether the Trump administration is good for these communities or not, there is no doubt that they will continue to not only survive, but thrive.

Dr. Kelli Ward and Taylor Hubbs

Dr. Kelli Ward has lived in Arizona since 1999. She is a military wife, the mom of three awesome children (now young adults), a family physician, a business owner, a former AZ State Senator, and she ran for the US Senate in 2016 against John McCain. Taylor Hubbs is currently a senior at the University of Arizona studying Public Management and Policy. Fluent in sarcasm and a carb enthusiast, Taylor enjoys being the outspoken Republican in her classes full of Liberals.

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