American College Bans Christians from Speaking About Their Faith!

Ah, I remember the halcyon days when our nation was guided by the tenets found in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When the First Amendment guaranteed a citizens right to speech and religious liberty – even if that speech or those religious beliefs were unpopular. Sadly, in Obama’s America, an America ruled by politically correct liberal fascists who are eerily reminiscent of the religious police that roam the streets of Iran and Saudi Arabia, these precious liberties are disappearing before our very eyes.

The latest example comes to us from North Carolina State University where Christian students are being forced to challenge a draconian (and unjust) school policy that bars them from speaking about their faith.

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No, we’re not talking about the students being barred from gathering together and delivering speeches on the student quad. We’re talking about Christian students (and I assume other students of faith as well) being banned from speaking to their fellow classmates about their faith without first getting a permit from the school!

The offending school policy says that any “non-commercial solicitation” on campus must first be approved by the school.

2.4  “Non-Commercial Solicitation” means any distribution of leaflets, brochures or other written material, or oral speech to a passersby, conducted without intent to obtain commercial or private pecuniary gain.  This definition does not include the dissemination of information for purposes of the administrative, academic, research, or extension activities of the University…

3.1 Groups or individuals wishing to conduct any form of solicitation on University premises must have the written permission of Student Involvement in advance.  All forms of solicitation must be approved by Student Involvement, and, if applicable, by the administrator responsible for the facility or location where the activity is to be held… 

Now, you might read that and say, “Makes sense.” But consider what this rule really means. Practically speaking any religious student who wishes to discuss their faith (and perhaps solicit a conversion) with their fellow students (either in groups or even in one-on-one conversations) must first seek approval from the school!

What the rule means is that religious students, and particularly Christians, are barred from speaking about their faith with anyone else while on campus… unless first given permission from the school.

Tyson Langhofer, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, argued that the school is obviously violating the Constitutional freedoms of the students who attend their NCSU. “We believe that the only permit a student needs to speak on college campuses is the First Amendment.” 

Amen, Mr. Langhofer. Amen.

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