The American Border: a Threat to National Security

Year after year, election cycle after election cycle, Americans are subjected to political lies and empty promises. In states like Arizona, which are undeniably on the front lines in the battle over the border, career politicians face their constituents and promise that they are going to “ build the danged fence” and that they will once and for all secure our nation’s borders. Fast forward to the end of elections, when the regular congressional session begins, and those promises dissipate to disappointment. And then the next election cycle comes around and the electorate is fooled again.

What we see, is that our political let downs have actually put us, we the people, in danger. Dr. Zudhi Jasser is puzzled as to why the border and immigration issue is kept separate from discussions of national security. Essentially the issues are one in the same. Jasser asserts that the reason the US needs to construct a wall is to remind others that coming to the United States is a right and not a privilege. As the child of Syrian refugees who legally waited to be given asylum, Jasser recognizes the role that immigrants have played in our country, while also urging enforcement of our existing laws. Jasser notes that there are accounts of radical Islamic elements coming across our borders – sneaking into the US to do us harm.

To the progressive left, citizen concern over America’s border and the lack of security is seen, at worst, as racism, and at least as a lack of empathy and compassion. They often argue that immigrants and refugees are simply seeking a better life and intend no harm. However, Jasser raises the issue of the recent European terror attacks as a rebuttal to liberal claims. He addressees the fact that the recent bombings in Paris and the attack in Belgium were made possible by terrorists being able to travel back and forth from Syria through open borders in the region. While the left consistently points to European nations in their argument for justification for progressive policies, it’s hard to not point out the hypocrisy of their indifference to the facts surrounding the recent European terror attacks and their implication on national security.

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It is time that American leadership steps up and realizes that securing the border is an integral step in protecting our nation’s security. It’s time that our politicians stop making empty promises about our national security and what they plan to do about it. As long as our nation’s borders remain porous, we the people cannot be safe. As Dr. Kelli Ward says, “it’s time to mix the mortar to fix the border” and then deliver a secure border. Border security is national security – our politicians need to concentrate on that and stop bandying about the notion of “comprehensive immigration reform” because Americans have figured out that those words are code for amnesty. Americans don’t want amnesty; they don’t want to reward people who broke our laws to get here with something as precious as American citizenship or residency. They want accountability, the rule of law, and strong national sovereignty.


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