Why Has America Remained Silent Over Most Persecuted Religion in World – Christianity?

If you were to listen to people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, you would think that Muslims are the most persecuted religion in the world, but they are not.

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Some very dear friends of mine that I knew from our church back in Arizona spent years as Christian missionaries in the Philippines and then in Europe. Herb was walking along a street in Dagestan, where he taught English and did mission work on the side, when several men pulled him into a van. He was held in prison for over a year. He was beaten, tortured and had a finger cut off but he stayed strong, relying on his faith in Jesus Christ. His captors fed him boiled macaroni for months and Herb, who was a slender man to begin with, lost so much weight that he was literally skin on skeleton.

His captors were not ISIS nor were they Taliban. They were rebels who also happened to be Muslim. They continually tried to force Herb to renounce his Christian faith, but he refused. When his captors realized they were not going to receive anything in exchange for their American hostage and that Herb was not ever going to renounce Jesus Christ, they set him free. He was one of the luckier ones as nearly a dozen other American missionaries were captured and murdered by the same rebels.

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Herb’s story is one of the few with a good ending, but in today’s world, there are many thousands of Christians being persecuted because of their faith. Most of the persecution is at the hands of Muslims, which is why I believe the United States has said and done little about the plight of persecuted Christians.

In 2012, it was reported:

If you don’t think that Muslims worldwide are really persecuting Christians, allow me to share some of the more recent attacks with you:

Egypt: Worshipers at a Christian Coptic church were ordered to leave the church building in the middle of services.  When the priest called police, he was told to comply with the demands and not to return to the church.  Christian student ends up in middle of melee while passing out literature on Egyptian campus.

Indonesia: A Muslim mob attacked a store being used for Sunday service.  Police arrived after the mob trashed the first floor of the building.  They ended up arresting a dozen of the Christian worshipers while no members of the Muslim mob were arrested.  Additionally, over 20 Christian churches were ordered torn down by Islamic clerics.  The number of violations of the rights of Christians have been taking place at an alarming rate.

Iran: Another Christian church in the capital city of Tehran has been ordered to close.  Christian converts have been missing for 5 months.  One Iranian woman who converted to Christianity was found shot to death in her car.

Pakistan: Militant Muslims use Christian convert deemed to be mentally retarded to persuade other Christians to convert back to Islam.  Muslims beat pregnant Christian mom, causing her to lose the twins she was carrying.  After beating the mom, they raped the 13-year-old daughter.  Now police are siding with the Muslim perpetrators.

Kashmir: 400 Christians have been left without a place of worship when Muslims burned down their 119-year-old church.

Mali: Muslim extremist have taken control of the northern part of the country and have instituted strict Sharia law.  They have been using Sharia law to victimize Christian women.

Kazakhstan: Government officials are abusing land use rules in order to force the closure of Methodist church.  They also fined the pastor’s wife for placing an ad in the local newspaper.

Turkey:  The Hagia Sophia once was the most prominent Christian cathedral, but now is a museum.  Local Muslims are now demanding that the former Christian church be opened as a mosque.

Saudi Arabia: Christians arrested and imprisoned for worshiping in private homes.  Other Christians have been beaten, strip searched and interrogated by government authorities.

Nigeria: Dozens of Christians have been murdered and churches bombed every Sunday in June.

Sudan: After South Sudan seceded last year, the two Christian churches were bulldozed down and three Catholic schools were taken over by the militant Muslims.  Muslim man converts to Christianity.  His wife sues for divorce and is granted custody of the kids by the courts.

Turkmenistan: Muslim government representatives raided a Christian church, confiscated all of their literature and questioned everyone present.

South Africa: Coastal KZN As-Salaam campus officials demanded all students in the dormitory observe Islam.  When students refuse, 70 are evicted and left homeless.

United States:  Two Muslim men converted to Christianity and now receiving death threats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.  Dearborn, Michigan, police side with Muslims who hurl stones and other debris at Christians.  In Pennsylvania, a Muslim judge tells victim of beating that it was his fault for disrespecting Islam.

I’m sure all of you could related hearing many accounts of Christians being persecuted around the world.

Hungary, a country long known for its harsh communist government, is the first country in Europe to open an office to specifically deal with the increased persecution of Christians. Zoltan Balog, Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources stated:

“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four… are Christians. In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.”

Did you catch what he said about 4 of every 5 people killed for religious reasons are Christians? That means that Christians make up 80% of those murdered because of their faith.

A recent post stated:

Obama just signed the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act into law. The purpose of the act is:

“To amend the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 to improve the ability of the United States to advance religious freedom globally through enhanced diplomacy, training, counterterrorism, and foreign assistance efforts, and through stronger and more flexible political responses to religious freedom violations and violent extremism worldwide, and for other purposes.”

While some naïve groups are hailing the bill as a huge step forward to help prevent the persecution of Christians and other religions throughout the world, I see this bill as nothing more than hypocrisy in action.

The original International Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1998. It was hailed as a measure to prevent religious persecution anywhere in the world. Yet, in the past eight years, America has consistently persecuted Christians and Christianity while giving preferential protection to Muslims.”

In light of this religious freedom act, why has the United States remained silent about the persecution of Christians worldwide?

Could the reason be that Barack Hussein Obama was born Muslim, raised Muslim and still is Muslim and he only focuses his attention on what’s happening to Muslims and not Christians.

“When Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood oust former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and take control of the country, no one, not even Obama or any international body protected the senseless persecution and slaughter of Egypt’s Coptic Christians by the radical Muslim government. Obama never even spoke out to condemn the beating, raping, burning, murdering of Egypt’s Christians. Instead, he defied Congress and violated the US Constitution and committed treason when he took it upon himself free up millions of frozen dollars and the sale of fighter jets that went to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Even in the presence of an international law to prevent religious persecution, Obama has systematically waged a war against Christians here in America. He pushed the legalization of homosexuality in the military and private life. His administration threatened to court martial military chaplains who refused to take part in the religious ceremonies involving homosexuals, regardless of their faith. Members of the military serving in the Middle East were ordered to hide any evidence of Christianity – Bibles, crosses, etc., but no such edict was given to hide signs of faith in Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc.”

When Hillary Clinton served as Obama’s Secretary of State, her closest aide and confidant was Huma Abedin, a Muslim with family ties to the Muslim Sisterhood, the female counterpart of the Muslim Brotherhood. From the way current Secretary of State John Kerry gave away the cows and the farm to Iran in the nuclear deal, he’s also turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians because he and others covet Muslim oil.

I believe there are two reasons why the United States has remained silent and taken little to no action about the persecution of Christians around the world. First is that we have had a Muslim in the White House for the past 8 years. Second, while our liberal government wages war on the American oil industry, they covet Muslim oil and will gladly overlook the blood of Christians to obtain their precious oil.

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