America Haters Vandalize & Burn Veteran’s American Flag

If liberals, progressives and others hate America so much, why don’t they just leave the country instead of trying to change it into something different?

That question was once asked to someone who was protesting against everything about America. When asked, the person claimed America was as much their country as ours, so it was put to them that many of us like America and don’t want it changed. When the person continued to rant and rave, this illustration was put to him:

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“How would you react if a relative came to your home and began complaining about everything you did and said and then demanded that the entire décor and way your house was run, be changed into something you didn’t like or were willing to tolerate? Add to this that you had to fight and defend the right own your home.”

The man paused for the first time and admitted that he would be very unhappy and would probably kick the relative out of his house. Then it was put to him that he is the relative and America is our house that many have defended with their lives and we like it the way it is and if the law allowed, he and others like him would be kicked out, just like he said about the illustration. He started to complain but quickly realized he no longer had an argument. The last we heard, the man moved his family to Canada.

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That same question needs to be asked of the insensitive anti-American jerk who vandalized the home of a US Marines Corp veteran living in Ahwatukee, Arizona.

Last Thursday, Brian and Lisa Ellison discovered that someone had taken the American flag that flew in front of their home and tried to burn it in their driveway. As the veteran set to leave the house, he noticed that the flag that had been displayed above his driveway was missing. As he started to drive out of the driveway, he noticed something odd lying on the driveway pavement. He got out and discovered it was the burnt remains of his flag and then went inside to summon Lisa.

She told the media:

“He came in and got me and said, ‘You have got to come here.’ This is insane, I thought, ‘Oh Lord, he’s going to show me a snake or a scorpion’.”

She told the media that the look on her husband’s face was as if someone had shot him. She stated:

“He just was devastated that somebody would do this.”

Brian told the media:

“The flag means everything to me. When you say your oath in front of that flag and when we lose a service member or a veteran dies we put it on their casket.”

“There’s two big pieces that you feel when you see something like that. You’re sad, and you’re mad. There’s not a lot that you can do about either one of them. So, I came home and put another flag up.”

“I think everybody needs to find a different way to protest. If you want to sit down for the national anthem, that’s your right, it doesn’t make it right. If you want to show your frustration by protesting and burning a flag, I guess it’s your right — not if it’s on my house — but just because it’s your right, doesn’t make it right.”

Neither the Ellisons nor any of their neighbors have security cameras that cover the driveway where the flag was displayed and police as yet have no suspects.

To many who are products of the liberal, progressive and socialistic public school system, they were never taught to respect the American flag, other people or their property. Many veterans, especially those who saw combat, view the American flag as a symbol of what they fought for and were willing to die for. Some of the veterans we’ve known will resort to violence if need be just to defend the American flag from being vandalized or desecrated by anyone. It’s not just a pretty and colorful piece of cloth or nylon, but it represents the lives of millions of Americans who have died and sacrificed limbs and health for the freedoms we take for grants. To many of those men and women, the American flag is nearly sacred and the thought of some jerk destroying their flag is enough to bring tears to their eyes as well as make their blood boil.

Hopefully the police will discover who did this and either lock their butt in jail for many years or ship them to some other country, since they hate America so much.

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