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Does America Deserve a President Hillary Clinton?

Someone once said: “A people receive the leaders they deserve.” Many today miss the point of these wise words. What he meant was that people produce their leaders. Those who are raised in a society are the product of that society.

You earn those leaders you receive, so you deserve what you get.

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What then does that say about America if Clinton is elected to be President of the United States? What does it mean that this is the best and brightest? If Hillary Clinton is the ablest politician in America, what does that tell the world?

And now with the FBI informing us that Clinton is not going to be charged for her clearly criminal activity, what does the world see in America? It is easy to ascertain, but it is not easy to accept.

We have become a people of spoiled children, led by spoiled children. I have come to this conclusion through observation. As I have reported one thing after the next, at the heart of most of our social problems is the fact that we have no understanding of responsibility.

We are a people that think that if you can then you should buy your way out of trouble. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever we please as long as we please. And voting for the person who promises you the most goodies is the norm.

You will have many complain that it is not fair that this woman can and has bought her way out of trouble. While you join them, ask yourself a few hard questions.

Would you buy your own freedom if caught doing something worthy of jail time? Would you pay to spare your child capital punishment if they were truly guilty? How then are you better than Hillary?

David said Ps. 119: 45

And I will walk at liberty,
For I seek Your precepts.

As I have pointed out in my book, we are to follow the commands of God. Because we do not, we are not going to walk at liberty. Without the precepts of God, we are doomed to be enslaved by the politicians we produce.

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