America Boasts Successful New Nuke Test in Nevada

As the world around us continues to grow more volatile by the moment, the United States is prepared to reassert their symbolic military dominance in a big way.

Direct threats from the likes of ISIS and North Korea, as well as the not-so-subtle language coming out of Russia in recent weeks, has made for a tense time on the world stage.  Kim Jong Un’s recent push to further weaponize his assumed nuclear arsenal is just the tip of the iceberg of anti-American sentiment across the Pacific, with the Kremlin vowing to join the fray should U.S. President Donald Trump conduct any preemptive strikes against the rogue regime even though the clear and present antagonization being conducted by North Korea is outrageous and unprecedented.

In this situation, the U.S. must assume the worst case scenario for the safety of our people, and that situation is that both Russia and North Korea are capable of striking the United States with nuclear weapons should a wild hair find its way to their derrieres.

It is precisely this unfortunate situation that has led the United States to test one of their newest and most lethal military instruments in hopes of dampening the noise echoing across the waves to our west.

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“The US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has announced the successful flight test of B61-12 gravity nuclear bombs in Nevada. It comes as US lawmakers reportedly push for a withdrawal from a landmark nuclear treaty with Russia.”

“B61-12 gravity bombs, without a nuclear warhead, were dropped from F-15E fighter jets at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on August 8. The tests were intended to check the bomb’s ‘non-nuclear functions and the aircraft’s capability to deliver the weapon,’ according to an NNSA statement.

“The B61-12 will replace the B61 gravity bomb, one of the main pillars of the US Air Force’s nuclear arsenal and one part of the so-called air-land-sea triad, which also includes Ohio-class submarines and B-52 strategic bombers. The first production of the bomb is scheduled for March 2020.

“The B61, which entered service in 1968, is under a life extension program designed to replace its aging components as well as the consolidation of four B61 variants with ‘no overall change in military requirements or characteristics.'”

It seem that, while North Korea would love for the world to see them in a new technological light, the U.S. will never not have the upper hand.

Whether or not these tests serve to curb some of the anti-American aggression that has sprouted over the course of the last 8 months has yet to be seen.  It does show the world, however, that for every question posed on the world’s stage, the United States has an answer.

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