#BlackLivesMatters Member Accused of Human Trafficking

We have all had those times where the concern for a person in need outweighed the care we should have taken to protect ourselves. Whether it is the stranger at a store that we pull our wallets out in front of, or the drug-addicted friend we allow to stay the night.

In all such situations, we open ourselves up to danger. When we do this, we are not thinking of ourselves or the possible harm this giving may cause. But, rarely have we had so much to lose and been so careless as to catch a charge for prostitution and human trafficking. But a member of Black Lives Matters has done just that.

Fox reports

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A member of the Black Lives Matter movement who was active in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri was arrested and charged last month with human trafficking and prostitution, Fox 2 reported Thursday.

Now, Wade was arrested, away from the scene of the alleged crime. He claims that he was, as a representative of his organization, providing temporary housing for this young lady that he thought was twenty. She did not have identification, so he checked her into a hotel. Then went to gather groceries and supplies for the young lady, while she was supposed to be settling into the room.

Wade explains on Twitter

“Hindsight is 20/20 and in my desire to help her as she was displaced, I did not protect myself,” he wrote, “As I did not know her or her prior behavior other than substance abuse that I was told she had ‘kicked.'”

All this seems a little too stupid not to be true. I mean, if Wade is this criminal mastermind why would he not have done better at protecting himself? How stupid would he have to have been to register one of his working girls in his name?

I am no fan of Wade’s politics, but as a Christian I have to seek justice for all men. I am praying that real justice is done in this case.

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