New Public School Curriculum Whitewashes Islam’s Violent History

We all know the adage: “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.” This adage, though on many levels is bad theology, is an adage because it rings true. If we are unwilling to look at what people have done in the past, we will never learn from their mistakes. We will inevitably do the same things, and end with the same results.

Now, our children have no real chance to learn history, particularly at the college level. The new AP standards for European History have been released, and there is much about which to be concerned.

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Breitbart reports

The new curriculum for the Advanced Placement European History test hides the role of Christianity in European history, and also hides Islam’s violent conquests in Europe and its tradition of jihad.

This scrubbing of history of any trace of religion and religious motivations is a blinding of our youth. They will be unaware of actions in the past that connect to events in the present. They will essentially be forced to reinvent the wheel in the areas of foreign affairs and politics.

Breitbart goes on

“APEH also nearly eliminates Islam, Orthodoxy, and Judaism, because their very existence complicates and compromises APEH’s simple narrative of secular modernization,” Randall writes, adding that the omission of Islam and the portions of Europe under Islamic rule is the most “dramatic.”

Randall suggests such a glaring purging of history may be “motivated by modern progressives’ reluctance to mention modern Islamist terror, much less to confront its deep roots in Islam’s millennial tradition of jihad.”

“Students who learn history according to the APEH guidelines won’t be able to understand how much of history is made up of people who live for faith, do good for faith, think for faith, create works of beauty for faith, die for faith–and kill for faith,” Randall tells Breitbart News. “If they don’t know this is how the world has always worked, they won’t be able to understand it when they see it happening in front of their eyes.”

If we want our children prepared for the future, then the only the solution is to remove them from these institutions of brainwashing.

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