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Do we wonder what the 33,000 destroyed emails Hillary trashed, “…because they were only about my Yoga appointments and Chelsea’s wedding,” were really about? We may find out if they are recovered from the Russian KGB or some junior high school hacker in Oblivion, Illinois, as is almost certain to happen, so careless was Hillary with national secrets. The emails will document Hillary’s shakedown operation so well even Jim Comey will have to recommend indictment publicly.  “Deal with it, Loretta Lynch, Esq.”

We are reminded that had our major media had done their jobs, Mr. Obama would not be in the White House and plotting ways to stay.  That we know so little of him trashes his pre-election promise, “To be the most transparent administration in history!”  We know less about Mr. Obama than our school janitors, 8,000 of whom are Ph.D.s thanks to the Obama economy, but then how many Professors of Black Studies do we need?  Such is the guidance of a politically correct Administration.

Meanwhile, back in the domain of the honest people the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York, is taking on the task of investigating the Clinton Foundation as the Clintons live in their jurisdiction and these prosecutors known to be more aggressive than those within the US Department of Justice, Loretta Lynch, the Sort Of Attorney General.

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Lead investigator Preet Bharara’s official biography notes he, “has applied renewed focus on large-scale, sophisticated financial frauds by creating two new units:  the Complex Frauds Unit and the complementary Civil Frauds Unit.”  That is about all we are going to know of them until they drop the hammer and there is every reason to believe it will happen.  Preet has just sunk his teeth in “The Big One!”

This inspires a real hope we have the media onslaught can be crushed with the truth of the Clintons and their machinations for money!  They pretend to be good Democrats, “for the downtrodden,” “bring me your sick, homeless and bedwetters,” and on through the longest living fraud in history the truth of which would gag a garbage-eating snake.

Meanwhile there are those saying all the polls are frauds and new poll shows Mr. Trump is ahead 67% to 19% in a new national poll by some graduate students, which was first reported on by the Arizona Freedom Alliance  at:

We were very excited to see this poll as it was described as national, “in all 50 states,” saying,  “We called Americans.. our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33% repub, 33% dems and 34% ind.. our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state. all 50 states. 50,000 people are in this poll not the 100 like other polls.”

We are not sure this distribution is really appropriate as it is generally a few percentage points greater for Democrats and the dimension is not 33%, but 40% for each with the independents about 20%.  Where there are variations state to state, a single profile is statistically unreliable.

On examination other problems became apparent as the release said polling had been done by telephone with lists obtained from county officials to get party registration and telephone numbers!

Our elections are run by our 2,000 counties and we do not believe many, if any, take voter telephone numbers nor would they give them to voice on the line.  The story really broke down when we read that all of this work was done in two weeks by 13 grad students!  They were said to have made 50,000 survey calls to 50 states in two weeks getting the result of “Trump 33478 votes 67%, Clinton 9788 Votes 19% and Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%”

If we assume each call took five minutes, that is 4,167 hours or 320 hours per person and this does not include the compiling of the calling list which would be a similar amount of time for more than 8,000 hours in two weeks or 615 hours per person when there are only 336 hours in two weeks!  If this were done professionally it would have to cost over $30,000.

I am sad to say it but the phone poll is likely incorrect, many of us had a lot of hope in it, but we have to play this game fair and square if we are going to win in the long run.

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