Almost 500 American Cities Violate Federal Law and Support “Sanctuary City” Policies

The number of American cities and localities now identifying as “Sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants to ignore the laws of our nation has risen frighteningly high in recent days. The Washington Times reports that almost 500 cities now support “sanctuary city” policies and protect these criminals from justice. Over the last few years the number has steadily risen but with the election of President Trump some observers wondered if the number would accelerate as liberals hypocritically chose to stand against the immigration laws that they ignored during the Obama years, or if the number of cities would shrink for worry that they’d be stripped of federal dollars.

Sadly, while a few cities have dropped their sanctuary policies the number of cities flouting our laws has risen.

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The Ohio Jobs & Justice Political Action Committee has added more than three dozen new cities and counties to its list in 2017 alone, as jurisdictions rush to try to shield illegal immigrants from what they expect to be a new push for deportations under Mr. Trump.

“More will be coming,” said Steve Salvi, founder of OJJ. “A lot of communities now, there’s resolutions in the works and citizens groups encouraging city councils to pass them.”

Asked about the growing list of sanctuaries, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that Mr. Trump stands by his promise to deny taxpayer money to those cities and counties.

But he said it’s probably going to be up to local voters to force changes on their city and county politicians.

“At the end of the day, this is a question for mayors and council members at the local level who have to answer to the people that elected them with clearly a position that is not in keeping with what most Americans believe,” Mr. Spicer said.

Ohio Jobs and Justice PAC founder Steve Salvi believes that as the Trump administration begins to crack down on these policies the number of offenders will actually climb even higher.

“The trend is, I think, until he actually starts putting the squeeze to them, I suspect I’ll be adding more to the list every week. The bigger cities are doubling down, and it’s really become a hot political issue. It’s really about the next election.”

If Salvi is right these cities risk losing quite a bit of money.

Sanctuary city money

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes the punishment fits the crime and recently argued on Fox Business News that the President should immediately cut funding to any town, city, or county that embraces sanctuary city policies.

Salvi agrees with Sheriff Clarke and hopes that the Trump administration will indeed cut funding to Sanctuary cities because it would force those city leaders to make some very hard decisions. “They would have to scramble around to save face by changing their policies or face the wrath of the legal citizens and legal permanent residents of those communities,” Salvi said. He also believes that once the pressure starts it won’t be long before most of the Sanctuary Cities break. “I don’t think that’s going to last too long. That’s a lot of brave talk. I don’t think they think he’s actually going to do it.”

I hope he’s right.

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