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Alleged Maryland Rapist Was Undocumented Alien Caught AND RELEASED By Obama

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When men like Donald Trump proclaim that they are prepared to enforce the laws of the U.S., yet are rebuked by the democrats, terrible things can occur.

And this is in no way a fresh problem.  For year, republicans have fought bitterly with democrats and other pie-in-the-sky progressives over the securing of our nation and our borders.  The attitude of the left, in terms of “catch and release” illegal immigration encounters, has never been correct, nor has it in any way made our nation safer.

Sadly, in the much publicized case of alleged rape in Maryland, Americans will be forced to face the consequences of 8 years of capitulatory Obama-era policies that have endangered the citizens of the U.S. and have irreparably damaged one Maryland woman.

“One of the two illegal aliens charged with raping a Maryland 14-year-old in Rockville HS was allegedly detained by authorities and let go under Barack Obama presidency.

“It makes so much sense to hear that another illegal alien criminal was let go by Obama’s policies to wreak havoc on American streets.

“Undocumented alien Sanchez Milian was to appear at immigration court but the court date was never set due to the excessive number of cases already on the docket. Liberals ALWAYS look past this because they want to save the world but destroy their own country. Liberals would rather crooks, criminals, liars and thieves be given free access to our country while they tear down our values and morals.”

Heinous crimes such as this could have very easily been prevented by simply enforcing the laws that are already on the books, but, for some unknown reason, Barack Obama and the weak-on-work democrats that have modeled themselves in his image completely refuse to acknowledge that there are reasons why illegal immigration is illegal. 

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