Megyn Kelly

Alex Jones v. Megyn Kelly: Stunt to Raise Kelly’s NBC Ratings?

In recent days, many in the news-watching community have been fascinated by the possibilities of a huge clash of personalities.

We’re referring, of course, to the much anticipated interview between former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and conspiracy blogger and radio host Alex Jones, all being broadcast on Megyn’s new station, NBC.

As with anything that happens within his orbit, Alex Jones has been a self-preservationist and self-promotionist as it pertains to the coming interview.  Jones maintains that he and Kelly had an agreement previous to the interview itself that the piece would not be full of “gotcha” style questioning and attacks on some of Jones’ more flavorful theories.  Now, after experiencing the brutality of Kelly’s questioning, Jones has been warning his viewers not to be fooled by the edited interview, set to air on Sunday night.

Jones was so upset about being taken “out of context” that he has resorted to leaking recorded phone calls between himself and Kelly in which they agreed to what form the interview would take.

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“…Jones may cause serious trouble for Kelly, who he apparently took the precaution of covertly taping in pre-interview calls and, he claims, the interview itself, which he is now publicizing on Infowars and his YouTube channel. And in those clandestine clips, the former Fox News host appears to promise to go easy on him in the interview.

“In one 30-minute video Jones published that included extensive audio of a pre-interview call with Kelly, the new NBC hire appeared to promise the interview would be a softball personality piece.

“’My goal is for your listeners and the left—you know, who will be watching some on NBC—to say, “Wow, that’s really interesting,”‘ the voice that appears to be Kelly says. ‘It’s not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that.’”

Kelly herself hasn’t stayed quite mum on the issue either, doing her best to promote the piece which will be airing during a time in which her ratings have been publicly worrisome for her new parent company.

And that is precisely what should concern us all about this interview.  Not that Kelly is giving time and energy and a platform to Jones, who will surely offend a great many Americans with his views, but rather that Megyn Kelly is not doing well at her new NBC home.  Her program is in desperate need of shot in the arm in terms of ratings, and Alex Jones will do whatever he can to drum up his own business from the fringes of internet talk radio.

This, folks, is likely a scam.  Kelly is failing and needs the boost.  Jones represents a crowd that refuses to tune into the mainstream media.  Kelly’s interview of Jones is absolutely certain to gain viewership based on that alone.  Now that we’re factoring in a conspiracy to defame Jones, something that will have his listeners in a complete and utter tizzy, this could be the most well-watched piece of Megyn’s career.

This manufactured mess couldn’t have come at a better time for Megyn, and Jones will take anything he can get.  They’re a match made in fake news heaven.

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