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Alex Jones Publicity Stunt Interview Censored By Connecticut Television Station

There is something extremely fishy happening over at NBC this weekend, and one television station in Connecticut isn’t having any of it.

For the better part of the last week, the nation has been unwillingly preparing for a televised interview between Fox News deserter Megyn Kelly and conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones.  Jones, who is an incredibly gifted self-promotion machine, will be appearing on Kelly’s abysmally rated NBC program on Sunday night in what Jones claims was a pre-arranged “friendly” interview.  Now that the pow-wow has taken place, however, Alex Jones has been publicly crying foul, claiming that Kelly went back on her deal and loaded the interview with “gotcha” questions made to portray Jones as a nut job.

With only a tiny bit of common sense, it becomes fairly obvious that the entire dramatic bit is nothing more than a publicity stunt aimed at raising Megyn Kelly’s ratings at NBC – a factor that has concerned her new media bosses from the inception of her contract.  Jones is an attention-monger in his own right, and his anti-mainstream viewers will certainly be tuning in to watch what the host himself has dubbed as an “attack” from Kelly.

In other words, this is all just manufactured hype for the two floundering journalists.

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Now, due to Jones’ odd beliefs regarding the Newtown school shooting, one station in Connecticut is refusing to air the interview on Sunday.

“The NBC-owned station WVIT in Connecticut will not air Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones, TheWrap has learned.

“The station serves the region of Connecticut that includes Newtown, the town where the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary took place in 2012. In an internal memo, the station objected to the ‘Info Wars’ host’s previous claims that the shooting — which left 28 people dead, including 20 children — was a hoax orchestrated using actors.

“’Over the last few days, we have listened intently to Sandy Hook parents, our viewers and importantly, to you. We have considered the deep emotions from the wounds of that day that have yet to heal,’ the memo read. ‘Because those wounds are understandably still so raw, we have decided not to air this week’s episode of ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.’”

While it is admirable that one television station has taken a stand against the contrived interview, the fact that this is a completely transparent publicity stunt is still lost on many.

The only goal of this interview is to drum up ratings for the floundering Kelly.  Given Alex Jones’ penchant for self promotion, and ability to mitigate his own shame, Megyn Kelly recognized the opportunity here to film and interview and let the conspiracy theorist rile up his own supporters ahead of its release.  Kelly’s dirty trick will likely go unrecognized by many viewers, but her return to lackluster ratings in two weeks will likely solidify her fate at NBC.

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