Alec Baldwin Defends Kathy Griffin, of Republicans says “Fu** Them All”

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Alec Baldwin, a fairly disgusting example of a human being himself, took to Twitter on Friday to defend comedienne Kathy Griffin for her tasteless “joke” beheading Donald Trump.

Baldwin argues that Griffin did nothing wrong and that no one, anywhere actually believes that Griffin was threatening the president. Here’s the thing. Maybe some folks have made the argument that she was “threatening” President Trump, but that is not the argument that I’ve been seeing conservatives make. I, and other conservatives, don’t actually believe she was threatening the President. I believe that she was making a sick and tasteless joke that would created an immediate uproar had a Republican done something similar with an effigy of Obama.

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In fact, the left was far more upset about far less aggressive forms of Obama mockery. Ask the rodeo clown who got wall-to-wall coverage for days from CNN, all he did was where an Obama mask (he had worn a Bush and Clinton mask in the past). Or ask the little town in the Midwest that dared to create a parade float that depicted President Obama in a jail cell. They were vilified as “racists” for some reason.

Yes, if a Republican had dared faux-behead President Obama all hell would have broken loose in the media and that Republican would have faced a media cyclone like no one has ever seen.

And that’s the problem Alec. The liberal hypocrisy is unceasing.

Here’s what Baldwin said:

“Dear Kathy Griffin, Kathy….baby…I’ve been there. The whole Henry Hyde thing [with] Conan, where we bring out an oxygen mask at the end? a joke. That’s what I thought. That’s what we intended. No one walked out of the studio and said, ‘No! We’re serious!’ No one. But all your gutless, weasels in the GOP insisted that I actually threatened Hyde. They played the victim beautifully. Kathy…fu** them. Fu** them all. [no one] believes [you] meant [to] threaten Trump.

Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights. ignore him. Like the leaders of all the other countries in the world. Ignore him.”


Onan Coca

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