Albany Hate Crime Hoax Demonstrates Blacks’ Victimhood Mindset

Three black female college students from the University of Albany who claimed to be victims of a racially-motivated assault have themselves been charged with misdemeanor crimes. Two of the women have been charged with assault and falsely reporting an incident. One was charged with misdemeanor assault.

The women said they were attacked by a group of whites early on the morning of Jan. 30 while riding a bus, and that they were called racial slurs and physically assaulted while bystanders looked on. Later, investigators reviewed multiple videos of the incident, which showed no evidence the women were victims of a crime. Conversely, police said the women had instigated the fracas and assaulted a 19-year-old white woman in the process.

For anyone from New York who’s old enough, this is of course reminiscent of the Tawana Brawley affair.  In 1987, the then-15 year-old Brawley accused a group of prominent white men in upstate New York of raping her, smearing racial epithets on her body with dog feces, then dumping her in a public place. New Yorkers were outraged, and blacks went nuts.

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What really gave the story legs was the fact that Rev. Al Sharpton, still in the process of making his bones as a career civil rights activist/con man, publicly backed Brawley and put the full force of his dubious influence behind ruining the men allegedly involved. The entire affair turned out to have been fabricated by Brawley to avoid parental disciplinary action for staying out past her curfew. Sharpton knew it, and was later convicted of related charges in a civil court.

Nearly thirty years later, I’m still wondering how Brawley worked up the stomach to coat herself with dog crap…

One of the chief reasons I oppose the death penalty (despite my belief that some people richly deserve to die for their crimes) is because I hold that one mistakenly executed individual is one too many, and that the state cannot always be trusted to judge equitably. Some law enforcement officials and prosecutors, being convinced of a defendant’s guilt, occasionally determine that the ends justify the means. This can lead to such parties refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of exculpatory evidence when it is found, or suppressing it entirely. It may not happen often, but it definitely happens.

In the case of Tawana Brawley, Al Sharpton, and the three Albany women, what we have are people justifying “guilt by association” prosecutions. Here, I don’t necessarily mean prosecution in a court of law, but “guilt” by the “association” of being white. Whether the three black students in Albany set out to make the news, exploited a perceived opportunity, or sought to defray blame for their criminal behavior, the rationale was that their falsifications were justified because America is a racist nation or whites are all racists anyway.

Obviously such actions are amoral and dilute the veracity of real charges of racism, but what I would like to bring to light here is the character of the women who faked the Albany attack and filed false reports with law enforcement. It is similar to that of several Black Lives Matter participants and organizers across the country who have been accused of precipitating similar situations or staging incidents calculated to demonstrate America’s “institutional racism.”

I have no idea whether the three Albany women have any affiliation or solidarity with BLM, but this hardly matters. In 1955, you didn’t have to wait very long if you were looking for a cop having cracked a black man in the head with a nightstick for no good reason or a white individual calling a black one “nigger” publicly – but those days are long gone. Not that such things never happen anymore, but they’re very few and far between.

As I’ve said before: The political left has inculcated the belief into young black people that they’re no better off than their grandparents were in terms of justice and racial parity. Every police contact with a black individual is racially-motivated, and when an armed black thug is killed by a cop, of course it’s murder. Extrapolate that out and you have a generation of young blacks who believe that every adversity they face is the result of racism, whether it’s failing to secure a given job or a flat tire. Toward its objectives of stirring up domestic unrest and cultural balkanization, the administration of Barack Hussein Obama has both fomented racial division and exploited it where it existed.

As I detailed in my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, midway through the Civil Rights Movement, the left co-opted the civil rights agenda and began underscoring the futility of blacks ever amounting to anything in an America that would always be institutionally racist. This made millions of young blacks ripe for culture of public assistance rolls and prisons – where they and their grandchildren remain today. Many of those who did stick around to get an education became today’s Eric Holders and Loretta Lynches – in other words, they became operatives of the political left.

Having achieved positions of power, their brand of racism has now become institutionalized, and the cycle continues.



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