North Korea

Alaska Prepping Another Missile Defense Test as North Korea Taunts U.S.

The people of Alaska are taking the threats made by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un quite seriously, as evidenced by a series of missile defense tests.

Kim, who is currently at the helm of the hermit kingdom, has vowed on several occasions to wipe America off of the map through the use of his purported atomic arsenal.  While skeptics still believe that North Korea is years away from achieving a level of technology that can back up these threats, the people of Alaska have been forced to take Kim seriously.  Given that the latest missile launch out of the DPRK was estimated to be capable of 6,000 mile flights, the northern and western most state in the Union has plenty to be concerned about.

That’s why the U.S. military is taking action in the near-arctic to ready our nation’s missile defenses.

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“The U.S. will conduct as soon as next weekend another test of a missile defense system meant to counter threats from North Korea.

“The launch from Alaska’s Kodiak Island is scheduled to occur at the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska, according to a U.S. Coast Guard notice. Mariners are advised to remain clear of swaths of ocean between Kodiak Island and Hawaii through the weekend.

“U.S. Army soldiers are stationed temporarily at the launch complex for U.S. Missile Defense Agency testing of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported.

“The U.S. Missile Defense Agency successfully completed a Flight Test THAAD-18 operation from Kodiak earlier this month. That test ‘validated THAAD’s ability to intercept intermediate range ballistic missiles,’ said Chris Johnson, U.S. Missile Defense Agency director of public affairs.”

The move comes as U.S. authorities urged Americans in North Korea to leave the country this week.

Kim Jong Un has been consistently antagonizing the United States in recent months, drawing the ire of President Trump.  The Commander in Chief has put pressure on Kim’ allies in Beijing to sanction the rogue nation into subservience – something that the Chinese have had very little success in doing.  Many believe that the time for U.S. action is soon approaching.

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