Global Warming

Alarmist Global Warming Hoaxers Have INSANE New Timeline For Earth’s End


In the 11 years following the release of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, the global warming hoax has been lambasted and debunked several times over.

First things first, Al Gore’s involvement in the entire scam was nothing more than a way for the former Vice President to cash in on the hype he helped create.  After creating a “carbon credits” company, Gore was quick to put together the documentary as a way to perpetuate the ridiculous fallacies of the liberal abomination to science.  This faux-activism netted Gore beaucoup dollars, as leftist guilt built up and sent liberals scrambling in the direction of their checkbooks.

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During that time, 11 years ago, Gore and his faulty associates believed that we had only 10 years before the world would be irreversibly damaged.  Now, a new prediction is being made by left-leaning “scientists”, and it certainly sounds more than a little familiar.

“Even though tree hugger Al Gore said we only had 10 years to save the earth (11 years ago), a new pack of nervous Nellies has arrived to say — pretty much the same thing.

“The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis says ‘if humans don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically and maintain carbon sinks, like forests, then the results will be catastrophic for the climate,’ EcoWatch reports.

“‘The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, outlines a plan that could simultaneously account for carbon uptake by plants and carbon release by anthropogenic (human-induced) activities.’

“‘The study shows that the combined energy and land-use system should deliver zero net anthropogenic emissions well before 2040 in order to assure the attainability of a 1.5°C target by 2100,’ said Michael Obersteiner, coauthor and IIASA director.”

Gore’s ridiculous prediction should have acted as a forewarning to those in the science community that this sort of bunk climate change data would be manipulated for decades to come.  The doom and gloom of these predictions, coupled with the American democrats’ and their ilk constantly bludgeoning the world with their beliefs, has influenced countless leftist sheep over the years.  The added effect of helping to accelerate overreaching regulations based on this phony information has been a massive burden on the American taxpayer as well, with organizations such as the EPA spending gargantuan amounts of money in a futile effort to verify Gore’s lunacy.


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