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Bring the Ten Commandments back into the classroom.

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Vote Yes on the Amendment #1, the Ten Commandments Amendment, on November 6th, 2018, and Donate Now to Help the Cause!

One way we can recover the American idea that our rights come from the Creator is by publicly displaying the Ten Commandments. Such displays serve as a powerful reminder that the United States is indeed “one nation under God.” Their display can offer a compelling source of moral renewal in a nation which is weary from abortion, school shootings, domestic violence, racial injustice, divorce, sexual exploitation, pornography, corporate theft, deceptive advertising, greed, etc. The Ten Commandments can serve as a visual warning that we are accountable to the Supreme Lawgiver for our actions. Publicly posting the Commandments can help us recall the voices of the Founders that religion and morality are the twin pillars upholding our freedom, and that a people who are not virtuous will not long remain free.

Ten Commandments Amendment

“Property belonging to the state may be used to display the Ten Commandments, and the right of the public school and public body to display the Ten Commandments on property owned or administrated by a public school or public body in the state is not restrained or abridged.”


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