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Alabama Senate Race Heats Up as Moore Picks Up Crucial Support

While the battle between America’s left and right is still raging in a YUGE way this week, we mustn’t forget about an even more decisive war ahead of us.

In American politics, a new enemy has emerged:  The establishment.

For decades, perhaps centuries, the United States has been embroiled in controversy after controversy involving career politicians who seek nothing but personal power, promising their constituents any number of things in order to garner their votes, only to pull an about-face in their congressional offices when lobbyists and special interests come knocking on the door.

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Much of what Donald Trump is fighting for runs against the grain of this embedded Washington elite, which explains a great deal of the adversarial animosity that our President has faced both in the nation’s capital and in the mainstream media.  At this time, the most important thing that Americans can do is work to recognize and isolate those establishment forces, push them out of Washington, and give the nation back to its people.

In Alabama, a Senate run-off election has come to epitomize this struggle, with patriot Judge Roy Moore squaring off against establishment crony Luther Strange.  Moore has now picked up an immensely powerful endorsement, which will only serve to sharpen the attacks on his character by the elitists animals of Washington.

“Roy Moore picked up the endorsement of the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) in his bid to unseat Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in Alabama’s primary quoted NAGR director Dudley Brown saying, ‘Judge Roy Moore has proven to be a strict constitutionalist and has given good reason to believe he’ll be a gun rights champion and vocal supporter of the Second Amendment in the U.S. Senate.’ Brown added, ‘[Moore] opposes expanded Brady Registration checks, calling them a national gun registration. He is also a steadfast opponent of high capacity gun magazine bans and bans on so-called ‘assault weapons.'”

Moore doesn’t just talk the talk, however.

In a meeting with a local republican organization earlier this month, Moore was asked point blank regarding his support for the Second Amendment.  Judge Moore didn’t simply answer the question with the panache and nonchalance of any old politician, rather, Moore reached into his wife’s purse to produce the handgun that she has with her at all times stating simply, “we carry”.


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