AL Looks to Avoid LGBTQ Marriage License Headache By Eliminating…

Our nation is facing a cultural dilemma as religious freedom is increasingly being labeled as bigotry by the radical left in an attempt to delegitimize the conservative base of America.

This all comes to us via the LGBTQ community, and the government’s bizarre insistence on being involved with every little piece of American society.  You see, the LGBTQ community has long been of the belief that their right to marry is inherent within the American landscape, and, were it not for the government they would be correct.

In faith-filled, conservative areas of the nation, religious beliefs will often influence the machinations of local government.  While a great many of these nods to God are abstract interpretations of the important lessons of The Bible, (a guidance, more than anything), other applications of scripture have been a bit more literal.  It is the latter avenue of action that has a number of small-government advocates shouting about the supposed separation of church and state, demanding that the government leaves their paws off of issues that could be construed as religiously controversial.

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At the very crux of this issue is the tradition of marriage in America, where religious ritual and tax liability merge in a strange amalgam of love and law.

Now, as Alabama struggles to determine just how involved their public servants should be in the lives of Alabama’s LGBTQ community, the state is considering a novel approach to handling this particular issue.

“Alabama lawmakers may be waving the white flag in the culture wars – advancing a bill that would eliminate marriage licenses entirely, in turn helping judges avoid the gay marriage debate in the conservative state.

“’No one particularly likes changing our law, I’ll tell you that,’ the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Sen. Greg Albritton, said in an interview with Fox News. ‘However, under the circumstances, it’s the best thing we can do.’

“Albritton denies any attempt at ‘denigrating marriage,’ as some social conservative critics charge. The Republican said his bill is a practical solution for the state in response to the Supreme Court striking down gay marriage bans in the 2014 Obergefell v. Hodges decision.

“’We would not have changed this had it not been for Obergefell,’ Albritton said. ‘But without the change, the law remains in conflict with Obergefell. So we got to make some changes to the law to come into compliance.’”

Libertarians around the nation will likely applaud the move, which parrots a long time talking point of the perennial third-party politicos who claim the party as their own.

For decades, these hardcore conservative Constitutionalists have scoffed at the republican idea that marriage should be governed at all, claiming that this novel idea that Alabama is exploring has been a part of the libertarian ethos since day one.


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