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AL Governor “Shocked” by Trump Remarks Resigns Over Sex Scandal

President Donald Trump has a keen knack for allowing his detractors to dig their own graves, and today’s news out of Alabama is no exception.

While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump had been accused of a wide number of things.  He was a racist, a sexist, a bigot, a Russian operative…you name it, someone has probably called Donald Trump it.  One such incident, the now-infamous Billy Bush tape, caught the soon-to-be President in an compromising position, speaking candidly and off the record with the Hollywood reporter in what has been called “locker room” talk.  The clip was edited to show Trump in the poorest possible light, especially as he was facing one of the first major female candidates in the history of the United States.

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This unfortunate moment caught the attention of the entire nation, including Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, who used the opportunity to furiously lambast then-candidate Trump.  Now, less than a year after being inaugurated as President Trump, Bentley has been forced to disgracefully resign from the office of Governor due to an adulterous affair with a staffer that was recorded, in all of its risqué rancor.

“The recent resignation of former Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, has been generating much controversy.

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“’If we’re going to do what we did the other day we’re going to have to start locking the door.’

“The audio and quote above is indeed from a talk with his mistress but it also goes on to reveal his calculated strategy to intentionally dope the media, and the American people to further his own personal agenda.

“This is highly interesting in context that at this very same exact time, former Governor Bentley was engaged in an extramarital affair, his wife was compiling evidence against him for being unfaithful and preparing to leave him, and watchdogs were beginning to quietly investigate rumors of political corruption and the use of state funds for personal use, bribery to cover up his affair.”

Other audio recordings purport to depict Bentley speaking to his mistress in extremely illicit language not fit for print on our website.

Furthermore, it appears as though Bentley’s affair may very well have been ongoing during the weeks in which the Alabama Governor was openly blasting Trump.  This is far from the most hypocritical attack that the Trump administration has endured, (that honor certainly belongs to Hillary Clinton), but it is the one with the most ironic conclusion.  Now, as Trump deflects accusations of a much more important manner, former Governor Bentley will have plenty of time to sit at home and consider his hypocrisy.

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