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Al Gore Scrambles to Explain Arctic Blast, Gives DUMBEST Excuse Ever

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There seems to be a bit of theme in American this week, with nearly every one of us being affected by a similar experience.

Namely:  It’s pretty damn cold outside.

Over the course of the last few days, temperatures around the country have absolutely plummeted due to yet another “arctic blast” sweeping across the landmass.  From central Florida’s swamps to Seattle’s misty midtown, Americans are exclaiming via social media the rare chill in the air.  Records have been smashed by this bombardment of brisk barometric bullying, with wind chills dipping toward the painful and dangerous region of the thermometer.

This has, of course, reignited the debate about “global warming”, a hoax that the left has been propping up for decades at the behest of carbon credits entrepreneur and former Vice President Al Gore.

Gore, whose contemporary fame among misguided millennials is derived nearly entirely from this climate change propaganda piece “An Inconvenient Truth”, has long been the liberal poster boy for the widespread sham known as “global warming”.  Gore’s interest in the farce began when the failed presidential candidate saw an opportunity to create demand for “carbon credits” by injecting a heaping dose of guilt into the eco-liberal community.  By understanding that this demand for repentance was forthcoming, (thanks to his own film), Gore was able to be at the forefront of the soon-to-be-booming industry.

Now, as this latest arctic blast and a bevy of actual scientific study stand in the way of the hoax’s future profitability, Al Gore has been forced to step out of the shadows to somehow prop up his indefensible chicanery.  And, not to be outdone by his previous charade, what Gore had to say was bizarre beyond words.


Of course.  Global warming is now climate change, allowing the left to imbue any reality they wish on the subject in order to maintain their air of inevitability.

In reality, (someplace Gore and his mindless followers don’t often visit), this arctic blast has been chalked up to a number of factors – none of which are an increase in worldwide temperatures.



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