Al Gore Called Out for “Fraudulent” Hurricane Florence Claim….How Inconvenient

Significant weather events always get the climate alarmists high on their own pride, despite the fact that there’s rarely evidence to connect climate change to a given weather event, let alone evidence to suggest man-made climate change is to blame.

Unless you’re The Washington Post, then it is most assuredly Trump’s fault.

This week, the king of climate alarmists himself, Al Gore, tried to make a sensationalist claim about Hurricane Florence to underscore just how alarming climate change can be…and totally faceplanted all over the truth.

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Western Journal has the story:

Former Vice President Al Gore claimed that for the first time in history the world was witnessing hurricanes in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans make landfall simultaneously.

“This is the first time in history that two major storms are making landfall from the Atlantic and the Pacific simultaneously, and each recalls some of their predecessors,” Gore said Friday at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

There was just one problem…this was an inconvenient untruth (see what I did there? Ok, ok, moving on):

Cato Institute atmospheric scientist Ryan Maue was quick to call out Gore for making the false claim.

Gore was referring to Hurricane Florence and Super Typhoon Mangkhut.

It looks like this was just a good old-fashioned case of sensationalistic news that Al Gore took way too far, although it’s hard not to call it a downright lie, as he had nothing on which to base his claim that these simultaneous weather events were a historical first:

Gore echoed the claim initially made in an NBC News article published Sunday, claiming “(i)n rare event, Atlantic, Pacific churn with storms at same time,” adding that “(u)sually when the Pacific is alive with storm energy the Atlantic Ocean is not.”

NBC suggested two storms churning in two different oceans at the same time could be a symptom of man-made global warming. According to NBC, seeing two major cyclones, like Hurricane Florence and Super Typhoon Mangkhut, at the same time is rare.

Gore took it further and claimed it’s historically unprecedented. However, it’s not at all rare for hurricanes to churn in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time, Maue tweeted.

Woomp, woomp.


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