Al Franken

Al Franken’s Skeletons Now Emerging from Closet at Record Pace

The pervasive and perverse culture of leftist sexual misconduct continues to unravel before our very eyes this week, as Senator Al Franken finds himself again accused of heinous harassment.

As with much of American culture following the incredible turnabout in Hollywood after Harvey Weinstein’s exposure as a pervert of the highest order, the story regarding Al Franken’s horrific behavior has snowballed in the days following his first accuser coming forward.  That premiere tale of horror, a pattern of behavior aimed at journalist Leann Tweeden during a USO Tour, was also captured in an abhorrent photograph that depicts Franken gratuitously groping Tweeden’s breasts while the female reporter slept.

Now, after Tweeden courageously came forward with her stories, others are beginning to follow suit, describing similarly despicable behavior by the comedian turned Senator.

“A woman says Sen. Al Franken inappropriately touched her in 2010, telling CNN that he grabbed her buttocks while taking a photo at the Minnesota State Fair.

“It is the first allegation of improper touching by Franken, who is a Democrat, while he was in office. It comes just days after Leeann Tweeden, a local radio news anchor in California, said that Franken forcibly kissed and groped her in 2006, when Franken was a comedian.
“Franken has since issued an apology to Tweeden and faces a potential investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee.
“Lindsay Menz, a 33-year-old woman who now lives in Frisco, Texas, reached out to CNN on Thursday hours after Tweeden made her story public. Menz said she wanted to share an ‘uncomfortable’ interaction that left her feeling ‘gross.'”
Franken is merely the latest prominent democrat to find himself in the hot seat over allegations of sexual impropriety, highlighting the rape culture of the liberal left in America.
This could be a very intrinsic piece of the social justice movement as well, as democrats continue to cozy up to the wayward and unorganized group of mostly millennial miscreants.  This “alliance” between the offender and the offended acts as a bit of camouflage for the radical left’s abhorrent and outdated behavior in which men are considered superior to women.  Many liberals will simply dismiss allegations against men like Franken due to his mere proximity to the democratic projection of a desire for social justice.
In reality, Franken is shielding his own perverse behavior behind a thinly veiled smokescreen of social justice approval.

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